2019 May 13 Monday


2019 May 13 Monday in Grimes, Iowa

What the … 34°? And fog? It’s mid May for crying our loud! It must be global warming. Grin.

Before going to the center, I put the awning out and tied down. I got 2 of the rafters installed. This afternoon I will put the deflappers on and install three remainder off the rafters. If I can find the other tiedowns, I’ll install those also.

The games were over and we were just waiting for lunch..

Here is a video look around the senior center. You can really tell that I limp.

When we got home I installed the last two awning rafters.

I also finally got did of the mountain of leaves that we found on our site when we returned to Iowa. Some were bagged and trashed and some were burned.

Ella cleaned the outdoor furniture while I got the leaves off the patio.

Notice how wet the patio was under all of those leaves.

Sue and Stoney were out driving around on their golf cart. They stopped to visit while I was napping. However, Ella heard them and went out to visit.

God bless and g’nite

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