2019 October 02 Wednesday


2019 October 02 Wednesday in Liberty Hill, Texas

Lowhanging clouds again this morning but not as nice a photo as yesterday.

Before leaving home today, I set off a bug bomb, to kill the biting ants that have, not only invaded our our home, but also our bed. To make it effective we had to close all the windows and ceiling vents. Remember that our air conditioner is not working and it is predicted to reach 91° today. It is not going to be a pleasant place to which to come home.

Ella’s appointment with the heart doctor was at 8:30 this morning. We just barely made it on time.

And, of course, there is paperwork that needed updating. The good news … she’s doing well.

Once we were done at the doctor’s, we made a beeline to Grandies. We were only a little late. After rollcall we had two tables of 6 each to play canasta.

The table talk turned to pastor Saint’s sermon from this past Sunday. Most of the people at Grandies, who were also at Cross Tracks church and heard the sermon, were upset. Many were talking about leaving the church. I wish I could have heard the sermon for myself. I do not like making choices on second hand opinions.

After Grandies We we’re not wanting to go home until that bug bomb had a chance to work.

Rather than going home, we went to Golden Chick for lunch. We took as much time as we could in the restaurant.

We knew that we were going to the choir party in town at 5:30 and we were trying to stay in town until then. Ella suggested going to the library. An excellent suggestion.

At the library we found a parking place under a live oak. Rather than go in, Ella dropped her seat back and took a nap. Even with the 92° the breeze in the shade was comfortable. Rug That’s what they mean by, “it was a dry heat.”

God bless and g’nite

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Day 2 in our Texas home.


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