2019 October 03 Thursday

rvingfulltimewithtomandella.com2019 October 03 Thursday in Liberty Hill, TexasNo sunrise photo … and this is why.

Ella stripped the bed and bagged up all of our dirty clothes, including those that spent the summer in the hamper.

After breakfast, I loaded the clothes into the truck in preparation for going to the laundromat.

I set off more bug bombs (2 this time) as we left home for the day.

The post office was our first stop for the day. I did a six month renewal of the P.O.Box. At the same time, I picked up a change of address form to transfer from that P.O. box to our physical address.

It was nice to see the gang at Over The Hill Gang today. Food was good, as it always is. After the meal, we stayed to play canasta with friends.

Laundromat time came directly after our canasta game was over.

After arriving home, I put the awning out. That included awning support rafters, deflappers, and making sure that the tiedowns were secure and tight.

The evening breeze under the awning was preferable to sitting inside in the heat.

Dead/dormant grass that crunches underfoot.

God bless and g’nite

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