2013 January 19 Saturday

The photo makes this glorious pre-dawn look almost foreboding.  It wasn’t.

Yesterday (January 18 – Friday) after our morning coffee groups, we took a drive.  We ended up in Burnet (for those not from these parts, it is not pronounced Bur-net.  It is Burn-it and pronounced very quickly).  We stopped and refilled our empty 3 gallon water jug at Consolidated Water Resources.  (The water at the RV park is filtered and softened … which makes it technically potable but not very tasty.)

Across the street from Consolidated is the Knot Hole Antiques and More.  We wandered around there for a while and admired how clean and organized it is.  After our experience the other day with some “Junk” stores on highway 29, it was a pleasure to find such a nice place to shop.

From there we went to the Dollar General in Burnet.  They have discounted the Christmas items by up to 70%.  That made it perfect shopping for us.  Ella picked up a lot of items that will go into Christmas stockings (both for Christmas in July in Iowa and Christmas in Texas next winter.)

Today (January 19) after lunch, we again went for a drive.  We’ve been doing this every since we arrived in Texas.  It helps us to become familiarized with the area.  Anyway, today we ended up in Sunset Beach which is located along the shore of Lake LBJ.  We found many roads that ended in ‘dead end’ signs and one highway that just ends by going into someone’s drive.  We eventually found our way to an intersection with highway 71 which I knew went through Llano.  The sign at the intersection said that if we would turn left we would end up in Austin.

We turned left.  However, a short way down the highway was a sign saying ‘Austin 55 miles’.  We didn’t feel we had time enough left in the day to go to Austin and back.  So, we made a U-turn (actually a 3-point turn in a driveway) and headed back toward Llano.

     As we were coming into Llano, right after crossing the river, we saw another Dollar General.  More Christmas items and I also bought Christmas plates and cups which we will use as everyday dishes while in Texas.  Now I have enough for ten place settings.  The real trick is … I don’t know where I would set ten people in our fifth wheel.  But there is plenty of room in our “backyard”.


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