2017 December 7-11

CHERRY HILL NOERR 2016-2018_34 (1)

December Thursday the 7th started cold with drizzle. I stopped at the post office to pick up my new laptop and to mail some birthday cards.

Yesterday we had gone to Arik’s for supper and got home right around 9.

I started hand washing my white gloves in the morning and let them soak all day. When I got home I finished washing them and one of my white shirts. And hung them on a hanger in front of the fan to dry. I took my INR and found it at 2.7 and I checked my glucose which was 124.

Ella has gotten our Christmas cards and Christmas gifts ready for mailing. At work this morning I had to 5 screaming toddlers in a row. Over and over I have told the photo helpers to educate the parents on how to bring their kids to me. Have the children facing them, don’t oversell Santa to them, just bring them and quietly set them on my lap. If they are toddlers, I prefer them to set them down on the floor and let them come to me rather than be brought to me. If they are hesitant to come to me I can usually start playing a game with them and win their confidence so they will come and see me. These things of course take time and as the season goes on there will be less time for that.

I think there must be something in the water or in the air today because there seem to be more tears than smiles today.

An elderly couple (that means they were around my age) that had come in yesterday for photos came back today and brought me a cup of coffee.

My white gloves are becoming stretched out and it keeps sliding down and I realize that that is leaving me “m bare wrist”.

This is another day without a manager on the set. And according to the schedule everyone leaves at 4 and only one person is scheduled to come in at 3:30. And he is new this year has worked less than 1 month.

As I was leaving the mall I saw little tiny scattered flakes of very small snow hitting the windshield. By the time I got to the Leander library to pick up Ella it was snowing full force.

On the way home we stopped at Walmart to pick up prescriptions and a few other items. This is the Walmart that had to a fire of few weeks back. And they’re not fully open. Their Pharmacy and food department is open and they do have a section of Christmas related items that are now out and available.

One of the things that I wanted to purchase was a USB drive flash drive but since that department wasn’t open I was unable to get it at Walmart. So we drove over to Target. However we discovered the right next to the Target is a former OfficeMax that is now an Office Depot and they carry such things.

I went in to check on the price of that and found that they have a tech department that can do the transfer from my old laptop to my new laptop and give me a back up at the same time. So that’s what I’m going to do.

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Friday the 8th started with 27 degrees. Fearing that the roads would be iced we left early only to find out that the roads were nice and clear. Which means I got Ella to the senior center about 8:30. And was at the mall by 9. I don’t start until 10 this week.

Saturday the 9th I left Ella at home while I worked today. I needed to stop for gas on the way.

Ella had a busy morning. She had the Christmas cards started, clothes ready to go to the laundromat and lots of dishes washed.

I was busy straight through from 9 to 3. Long lines were waiting to see Santa at the mall today. I had so much fun that I didn’t even notice that I hadn’t taken a break all day.

Ella asked me to buy about 50 more Christmas cards. So I stopped at Dollar General. They happened to have all holiday cards on half price. I purchased two books of 36 each.

Sunday 10th I had my only day off between now and Christmas day. We attended worship and Sunday school. We are lunch at Taco Bell. From there went to the laundromat to wash three bags of clothes. I sat on the big comfy couch. I was listening to one of my sermons that was recorded years ago. The next thing I knew, Ella was waking me to help her with folding clothes. That’s kind of sad to admit that I went to sleep listening to my own sermon.

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Monday 11th I started work an hour earlier than I have been. This will be the new normal until Christmas. This also means dropping Ella off an hour earlier at the senior center.

I arrived early and got ready and then I sit here it’s after 9 and no one has come to get me to take me to the set. I took a peek over the mezzanine railing and there’s nobody on the set.

So I sat there for an hour before somebody showed up. Although MY schedule (given to me by the regional manager) said that I was to begin at 9, the mall doesn’t open until 10 this week. Once again I am just amazed at the job this new company is doing.

After work, Ella and I went to Office Depot to retrieve my new laptop. I’d left it Friday, along with my old laptop, so that they could transfer all of my files to the new one.

From there to pick up meds.

Follow this link to see me in action with some special needs kids http://www.kvue.com/mobile/article/news/local/special-needs-children-enjoy-quiet-meeting-time-with-santa-claus/269-496569742

2017 November 27-30

2017 Letters to Santa_147~2.jpgMonday 27th started bright and sunny at 60°. The Leander Senior Center was open again after the holiday, so Ella spent her morning there while I worked at the mall.

On the way to work, traffic was very slow. As I got a little further down the road, I saw why: There had been a fire at the Firestone store. I’m sure there is some kind of irony there. It appeared that it hadn’t caused any damage. But of course people had to slow down and gawk.

I was surprised at how slowly the day went by. I had a toddler, who had his picture taken yesterday, just come to sit on my lap again. Since we weren’t busy, I got down on the floor and we pushed a toy car back and forth for a while. Those return visits always warm my heart.

There were several sets of siblings who came for photos. It seemed that one was always smiling and the other crying. Sometimes the younger was crying and sometimes the older.

One family brought in two boys with autism. It was a challenge to get them to sit with Santa. I would manage to start interacting with one when the other would wander off. I’d then switch focus to the wanderer and lose the other. Finally, I had mom and dad sit on the floor with me and each hold a child. Even then we couldn’t get both of their attentions.

Later, there was a little boy that I could get to smile. However, the photographer always missed it because they were looking at the computer screen to see what the previous photo looked like. It is frustrating to me when that happens.

Another frustrating thing happened when I took a 5-10 minute break. Santa must always be escorted by the photography staff. So they took me to the break area and then left me there for a half an hour. The one who took me to break went ahead and took her lunch break, thinking that someone else would come and get me. It wasn’t until she came back that they realized I was “missing”. The set manager was so busy with her nose in her phone or paperwork that she hadn’t noticed that I wasn’t there. Seems like one hell of a way to run a business.

After work and after picking up Ella we drove to the Walmart that had had a fire. It was still closed and judging from all of the porta-potties lined up in the parking lot, there were a lot of people inside working on cleanup and so forth.

From there we went across the highway to Andy’s Frozen Custard for some malts. And then we drove to H.E.B. for more groceries. It seems to me that we should now have enough groceries to last us through all of December. Seriously, I don’t remember spending this much on groceries in such a short amount of time since we had our “sticks and bricks” house and eight or nine people living there.

Tuesday 28th started at 51°. The day was much like yesterday. It is very slow now that kids are back in school after the Thanksgiving break.

The mall marketing manager came to the set today to tell us that we are going to open early on Saturday for a private photo shoot and time with Santa. This means that I’ll need to be there two hours earlier. A blogger has booked the time for her followers to come and have Santa read them a book. There are to be three half-hour seasons of 10 each. That sounds like fun to me.

We also were told that the Caring Santa start time for Sunday had been moved ahead to 9 from 9:30. That also is most welcome for me because I really enjoy my time with the special needs kids/people. Having it earlier (before the stores open) is especially nice for the folks with autism. The less bright lights and fewer noises the better because they can easily become over stimulated.

When I arrived at the library to pick up Ella, she was sitting on the patio because it had become such a nice day to be outside. She said that there were 9 people at the senior center for lunch and games. They had individual pan pizzas for lunch. She took the photo book of the people at the Grimes, Iowa Senior Center to show the manager of the Leander center, as a suggestion for what they might do here in Texas.


Wednesday 29th started clear and chilly. The first hour at the mall was dead. Not a single person came to be photographed or even to sit with Santa. The second hour we were very busy with around twelve photo shoots plus others that just came to see Santa but didn’t want pictures.

Later, Eddie, one of my friends from the Leander Senior Center came by with his girlfriend and two of his daughters. They did a family photo. As he was leaving, his other daughter and grandson arrived. They also got photos with Santa.

The carpet at the set has had some purplish stains for a few days now. It looked like someone in high heels had stepped in something and then tracked it across the carpet. We mentioned it to the mall management and they sent someone with a spray can of carped cleaner and a scrub brush. He crawled around on the floor, spraying, scrubbing and then wiping with a cloth. It looked a lot better when he was done. It was fortunate that we had no one waiting while he was working. (Fortunate but not profitable)

Ella went to Grandies and then out to lunch with some of them before being brought back home.

We did not go to choir practice because we will not be in church on Sunday. I will be working with the Special Needs people


Thursday 30th began at 40° but warmed up throughout the day.  It was a day like any other day with me at the mall playing with children and Ella at the center playing with adults.

2017 November 19-26


Sunday 19th No work for Santa today so we were at church for breakfast, worship, and Sunday school … in order of occurrence not in order of importance. Today’s sermon was on being of service and checklist sheets were passed to each person in the congregation. There were a series of headings with details below. The idea was for everyone to check one section or more that they would be willing to do for the church and the community. I videoed the service and if I can get a connection for long enough I will load it to Youtube and post a link here.

The pastor will be attending a seminar on Safety in the Church this evening. That means that our Sunday evening bible study will not take place. I guess we’ll just rest the remainder of the day.

Monday the 20th  32° overnight. Time to wear a jacket today. We’ve settled into this schedule of me dropping Ella off at the Leander Senior Center on my way to the mall. And then picking her up at the library on the way home.

Tuesday the 21st It was Ella’s birthday so after picking her up at the library, we went out for supper. To my surprise, her choice was Golden Chick. I had expected her to choose Chinese buffet.

Wednesday the 22nd Ella went to Grandies this morning while I went on to the mall. Charlotte brought her home afterward.

I stopped at Walmart on the way home to pick up our prescriptions and some grocery items. To my surprise it was closed when I got there. There had been a fire overnight. I was told that I would be able to pick up our medications at another Walmart. The nearest other Walmart was about a 15-20 minute drive in the opposite direction than home. So I chose to forgo the meds and just stop at H.E.B. for the groceries.

People were laying in supplies like it was the end of the world. The bread isle was stripped as was the bottled water. Seriously? I’ve seen this behavior when large storms are predicted but never for a holiday. And it’s not like the store wasn’t going to be open for most of the day tomorrow.


Thursday 23rd Thanksgiving we went to Adam & Leigha’s for dinner. The whole Texas clan was there: Adam, Leigha, Tate, Emery, Arik, Jenny, Sofia, Beket, Heather, Austin, Becky, Dave, John, and Lori. Everyone brought something different to the table (literally). We had plenty of snacks before the big meal and deserts afterward. There were, crafts, games, and plenty of conversation. Sofia has gotten very good at creating fake bloody wounds. She demonstrated her talents by “injuring” her brother and cousins. And then showing them to us. She “decorated” Emery with a leg wound and then they met Grandma Becky at the door with Adam carrying her out. Becky was fooled until she saw Tate laughing.


Friday 24th (Black Friday) at Lakeline Mall had the stores busy. However, Santa wasn’t as busy as I had expected. I guess parents were too busy shopping to take a few minutes for the kids for to see Santa. Having said that, we were busy all day … just not the long lines that I was expecting.

The Leander Senior Center was closed for the day so Ella stayed home.

I went to the other Walmart and purchased our prescriptions and the remainder of the groceries I was unable to find at H.E.B. on Wednesday. As expec1122171707 (1)ted the store was busy. However, I had most of the grocery section to myself. No big Black Friday Deals on bread and eggs I guess. After I arrived home we went to Jardine’s for supper and had a very satisfying Mexican meal.


Saturday 25th 49° overnight so it was still chilly enough to wear a jacket to the mall.

Ella remained at home and did some housework while I played with kids all day.

We are starting to see the lines waiting for Santa that I had expected on Friday. As the time draws closer to Christmas the lines will become longer. That means that I will get to spend less time coxing the timid or afraid to come sit on my lap. There will be more of the “drop and run” photos of crying children. I don’t like that part of the job because, if I’m given the time, I can convince the shy ones to interact with Santa. The drop and run gets a photo for Mom and Dad but isn’t a happy time for the little one … or Santa.


Sunday 26th 52° overnight made for a perfect Lord’s Day. Steve’s sermon was about the End Times and how we are to be prepared. Are we to hunker down or be busy seeking the lost sheep?

The choir participated in an unusual special number. The hymn “Reach out and Touch” was played three times. The first time it was just a flute and piano (with other orchastra on a computer). The second time through the choir didn’t sing. We “Ooohed” as one member read the words of the hymn. The third time it was with the instruments and the choir ooohing with out the spoken words. It seemed to have been well received.

After worship and Sunday school we decorated the sanctuary. Christmas tree is up, lit, and decorated. Wreaths are up all around the campus (Sanctuary, Multipurpose Sanctuary, and Fellowship Hall).

Once everything was done at the church, we drove into Leander to do laundry at the Laundromat.

2017 November 12-18

Okay … it’s not exactly the Polar Express … but Santa had fun!

Sunday the 12th we went to Church and Sunday school as usual. We had a special speaker today, Doctor Terry Teykl. He is a Methodist minister, author, and world traveling speaker. His mission is to deepen people’s understanding of and proper use of prayer. Along with being thought provoking, he was also funny. He said his jokes were “time release” jokes. You’ll get them sometime Tuesday. His sermon ran a little long today which meant the Sunday school was a little short (but good).

We came home and fixed some stew (or maybe soup … it was a little thinner than I prefer my stew) and biscuits. We finished our meal with some cherry pie.

I thought Ella was going to go to sleep in her soup bowl. She is still really suffering with this crud, bronchitis, upper repertory infection, allergy, cold, or what ever it is. It didn’t take her long to stretch out in the recliner and start snoring.

I did a load of dishes and joined her in napping away the afternoon.


Monday 13th started at 61° and overcast. It has been a while since we’ve started the day with sunshine. One of the things that Dr. Teykl talked about in his sermon yesterday was saying the Lord’s Prayer every day at noon. Ella and I did that yesterday after we came home from church. Ella set her alarm for 12p.m. every day. Since I’ll be at work during that time for the next couple of months, and because I don’t have access to a watch during that time, I decided to do it every morning at 7:30. That way I can remember to before I go to work.


We had a small rush of kids early in the morning to see Santa. Then it slowed to a stop. So, to let people know that Santa is in the house, I rode the train around the inside of the mall yelling, “Ho, ho, ho, merry Christmas!”

In the afternoon, a young woman came and asked if she could bring a skeleton in to sit with Santa. I said she could if I could get a copy of the photo. Evidently it is an art project for her. She already has a photo of the skeleton going through a drive-thru, brushing its teeth and more.

We had another small rush in the early afternoon and then nothing. I was told that the night shift only did one photo shoot.

I saw this truck and topper going down the road. I think that someone didn’t read the installation instructions.  What do you think?

Tuesday 14th was a slow day for Santa. That’s not to say it was unremarkable. I noticed a special needs person and their helper going down the mall. Since there were no children waiting to see Santa, I went out into the mall to greet him. He grabbed my arm and gave me the biggest smile. He was nonverbal but I told him that he was loved and that I was glad I had a chance to see him today. His helper thanked me over and over for taking the time to come out to talk to him. I said, “That’s what anyone would do.” “No,” she said, “it isn’t.”

Later I had a visit from a woman who had just arrived from Mexico and she really loves Santa. She hugged me and kissed me (on the cheek and on the hand) repeatedly. She was wiping tears from her eyes when she left (and so was I). The gentleman with her explained that they had some place they needed to be, but that they would come back later to have photos taken. I was reminded of the bible story where Jesus is dining at the house of a temple ruler and a young woman washes his feet with tears and dries them with her hair in a show of true adoration. This Mexican woman truly adores Santa.

I got to the library about 4:30 to pick up Ella. We did a little backtracking after I picked Ella because we had to go back to the pharmacy. The jog tracker showed a figure 8 of my drive home from work.

2017-11-20_07.45.13 (1)

Wednesday 15 I dropped Ella off at church so that she could attend Grandies. They had lunch at the intermediate school as a “Thank You” for all the Grandies does to support the school and children. The school has a special class called “Leaders” or something like that. It was the students from this class that served the lunches to the Grandies. They brought dinners to the table for each of the guests.

As for me, it was another slow day for Santa. So there is nothing really to report there.


Thursday the 16th I went in to work early (dropping Ella at the Leander Senior Center on the way) so that I could make use of a data connection. I have not been able to get online at home since November 4th. That is why this post is so long. I don’t know when I’ll get a chance to post it. However, with a data connection I was able to update some things using my smart phone.

The traffic picked up a little for Santa today. I also went out to the mall and invited a group of special needs people in for a chat with Santa. Most were delighted to talk to me, a few were indifferent and one would not approach me at all.


Friday the 17th was a good day at the “office”. I had about double the number of children who came to see Santa. Very few reluctant visitors but had a few who just would not smile for the camera.

The camera operators (in my opinion) miss a lot of good photos just because the child is not looking at the camera and smiling. When the child and I are engaged in talking or playing games should be great photos. However, even when I say, “Take the picture,” they just continue to wait for the traditional smile-at-the-camera shot.

One little girl would come within arms length (mine not her’s) but no further. I pulled out one of my small toys to show her and “accidently” dropped it in front of her. Then I asked her if she would please hand my toy back to me. She picked it up. When I didn’t reach for it, she moved next to me and gave it back. I thanked her and then started a conversation with her. I asked what her favorite toy (that she already has) is. And we got to talking about unicorns. She never did sit on my lap but these would have been great photos … would have been being the operative word.

2017-11-17_21.04.02.jpgSanta received a gift from a 3 or 4 year old. It is a tiny pink plastic box with assorted tiny tiny stones in it. We had a nice conversation about why she had selected each of the rocks. I  added the dime to the photo so that you had a better idea of the size of these precious stones.

Another little girl was brought in just to visit with Santa. I had her on my lap and got her to smile at the camera. Thankfully the camera operator took the photo even though it hadn’t been requested. The uncle called the girl’s mommy and sent a cell phone shot of the photo on the computer screen. Mom said, “Buy it!”

On the way home, after picking Ella up at the library, she told me about her day at the Senior Center. Evidently, there were a lot of folks that showed up for the Thanksgiving meal. Ella said that it had all of the traditional foods plus several selections of pies. She also said that she wished she could have brought her leftovers home (which because of insurance reasons the center won’t allow) because she just could eat it all. She has now had 3 or 4 thanksgiving meals. I guess I’ll just have to wait until Thanksgiving for mine.


Saturday the 18th was the best Santa day to date. I was busy with children (and a few adults) all five hours of my turn in the big chair. Most memorable from the day was the young man (maybe 17) who came to see me with his dad. As I watched him approach the set, I knew he was autistic. He came with his fingers in his ears and avoiding looking directly at anyone. The dad said that he just wanted to see how he would react with Santa. At first he was much more interested in the statue of the bugler that stands on one side of my chair (a drummer on the other side). He waved his arms and wiggled his finger as if he were talking to the statue. He then lay on his back on the floor with his arms and legs in the air like a dead bug. I have a little blue car so I rolled it toward him. He sat up and rolled it back. So I got out of the chair and sat cross legged on the floor and we spent some time rolling the car back and forth. The dad was delighted and said that he will be back to get photos. I told him about the Caring Santa event the first Sunday of December. That is when the set opens before the stores so special needs “kids” can come when there is less distraction from the lights and sounds from the other stores. He thanked me again and again and restated that they would be back for photos.


Ella had no where to go on Saturday so she stayed home and worked around the house and just rested. Although we are both still trying to get over the coughing fits, she is doing more coughing and hacking than I am.

2017 November 08-11


Wednesday 08 Have you ever been dreaming and then realize that you are no longer dreaming but just “thinking”? That’s how I woke this morning. This was not at all like I normally wake. The norm is to just wake up … suddenly … totally. Today it was like a slow slide into conciseness. I didn’t care for it.

It was a cold 41° and sprinkling as we got out of bed. The high for the day was maybe 49° with a continuous drizzle.

Attendance at Grandies was down due to the weather and people being sick with this same URI that Ella and I have been suffering through. We did have a new person, Lera, arrive today. She had been invited by some of our members who also attend the Over the Hill Gang. Those of us who attended were rewarded with a Thanksgiving meal brought in by Teresa and Jackie with Pete (Teresa’s husband) along for the meal. We had requested chicken rather than turkey. We figured we’d be turkeyed to death by the end of the month anyway. There was dressing, cranberry sauce, green beans, rolls and pie to go with the chicken.

Then we went home to nap, all covered and snuggled down in the recliners. Covered because it was 56° inside when we arrived back at the RV. Tom kept slowly bringing the thermostat up to keep us at about 62-65°, which is where we like it.

Choir was cancelled because of the cold and drizzle.


Thursday 09 39° start for the day. I got up and got dressed in my “kick around home” clothes. I got my blood testing meters ready and then did dishes. I’ve explained this before but here we go again. I do the dishes to make sure my fingers are clean and warm. They have to be clean for the test and they need to be warm so that the blood flows more easily. My INR showed a little on the thin side of normal and my glucose was the best it’s been recently … and it hasn’t been bad recently.

After breakfast we started getting ready to go to the funeral of Bob, a friend from church. We also sang in the choir for the service. Our little chapel (the original church building) was packed with extra chairs brought in and still some people standing. He was remembered by his daughter as always being “straight and level” in everything he did. That included the way he scooped the ice cream so that what was left in the container was as straight and level as when it was first opened.

Ella and I did not go to the gravesite service but waited in the worship center for family and friends to return for the lunch. Only a few dozen of the hundreds who had attended returned for lunch. There was a lot of food left over. I hope that it found a home where it was needed.

Around three o’clock we left for Lakeline Mall. Santa’s soft opening (where they are getting the equipment set up and the new people trained) was from 5 to 8. I did not work it. Charlie did. However, I went to make sure that my suits, shirts, etc. fit. The set is much different than last year and more attractive. My only observation was that the traffic flow in and out did seem to be as direct as last year. We will see how it works.

2017-11-21_09.57.07 (1)

Friday 10th started 50° and overcast for my first day as Santa this season. I will be sitting in the big chair from 10 till 4 most of November including Saturdays but with Sundays and Thanksgiving off. In December the hours change to 9 to 4 most days including all but one Sunday. The first Sunday in December is when we open early (before the stores) and have time with special needs children (of all ages). These events are a special treat for me. Most of them come so excited to see Santa. And few of them come with a catalog of Christmas wishes. It is a lot of joy and some heartbreakers also.

My first day as Santa this season went well. People are still surprised that Santa has arrived at Lakeline Mall, even though we started a full week later than last year. All the kids that came were excited to see me … well there was one that was a little shy … but I won her over. I also had my first special needs person yesterday. He was a delight to talk with.

It was a six hour day (10-4) and I had not packed any protein bars, so I was hungry by the time I returned home. There are no scheduled breaks in the schedule but if I need to “go feed the reindeer” I just let the set manager know.

I’m still not over my cough but was able to control it while on the set. But as soon as I was off and in my vehicle, it started up again.

I had dropped Ella off at the Leander Senior Center shortly after 9. She played games and ate lunch there. One of our friends took her to the library after lunch. She played games on her phone until I picked her up around 4:30.


Saturday 11 I worked 10-3 in the red suit. I enjoy it so much that I hate to call it “work”. It’s more like I get paid to play with children. Which reminds me; one little toddler would crawl around on the carpet and then pick up NOTHING and bring it to me. So I kept all of the imaginary things that she brought me. We never did get a photo with her because she wouldn’t sit with me. However, we had fun playing together.

I had a couple of about my age (70) that came and had pictures taken. I had fun playing with them also. I put both of my arms around her first and asked him to scoot away out of the picture. Of course I did this with a smile on my face and a laugh in my voice. So then we all cuddled together and got a great photo with plenty of smiles.

I had two special needs “girls” today. One was a fully matured young woman with diminished mental abilities. It didn’t keep her from being really excited to come and sit on Santa’s lap. I tried to engage her in conversation; however the only thing she would say was “yes”. The next girl was in her late teens and high functioning autistic. She fully interacted with Santa but didn’t speak at all.

When I returned home, Ella was waiting with three large laundry bags full of dirty clothes. I went inside just long enough to notice that it had been vacuumed and to grab something to eat. We then went to the Laundromat where Ella did laundry while I napped. I woke in time to help fold the clothes and carry them out to the truck.

We spent the rest of the evening watching TV.

Before I went to bed, I did put all of my clean clothes away.

2017 November 4-7


Saturday 04 What a muggy start to the day. The overnight temp never went below 70° and an unusually high 98% humidity. I started the day by blowing up two eggs in the microwave. Yep! That’s what I said; I blew up two eggs in the microwave. I’ve made “boiled” eggs in the microwave many times in the past. But this morning, I had the power too high or the time too long and BOOM! Fortunately, we were not rushed for time. There is little on our schedule to which we needed to rush. We had a Fall Fest at church and a football game (or two) in the afternoon.

1106170905-1I am still coughing up gobs of phlegm and so is Ella. This URI is getting OLD.

We got to the Fall Fest around ten thirty. I took a quick walk around and decided there was nothing at the 35 booths that I needed or desired. Actually, I decided that there was little or nothing that most men would need or desire. It was definitely geared toward women. I guess that shouldn’t have surprised me because it is sponsored by the UML (United Methodist Ladies) and they are the ones who went looking for vendors. We purchased two tickets to go into some drawings. Ella chose which items for which she would enter to win. And she did she won both a bracelet and a wall hanging. We visited with some folks and had a hot dog and drink and then decided it was time to return home for more medication and more rest.

After resting for a while we headed to FB_IMG_1509880465721Roundrock High School for Tate’s flag football game. This was the final game of the season and if they won it they would immediately play in the Super Bowl. It was an exciting game with the lead switching many times. The final score was 25 to 25. So it went into overtime with each team given a chance to score. Unfortunately the other team DID score and Tate’s team did not.

We were invited to go to lunch with the team but chose instead to return home for more medications and more rest. We stopped at H.E.B. (grocery store) for milk and bread. I also purchased some vanilla pudding to cook. Warm pudding is one of my comfort foods when I’m my throat is scratchy.


Sunday 05 We had breakfast, attended worship, sang in the choir … as best as we could, stayed for Sunday school, and then went home to try and sleep off these colds. We didn’t even attend the Bible Study in the evening. We’re getting sick and tired of being sick and tired.


Monday 06 We had lunch and games at Leander Senior Center. They often bring in day old bread and pastries. This time there were also some canned goods. One of the items was a restaurant size can of pork and beans.

I took it home so that I could make some for the potluck at the Emmaus Gathering2017-11-06_20.30.46 and potluck at the church in the evening. I had a bottle of specialty sauce that I purchased several years ago. It was part of a two for one package deal. The other sauce in the set was what I wanted at the time. But I thought that at some point I might want to try “Pineapple, Mango, Coconut, Tequila sauce.” Well this was the time. Into the beans it went. I heated it. Tasted it. And decided to add a small can of crushed pineapple to the mix. I liked it. I brought slightly less than half of it home from the potluck. So, now I have “Drunken Beans” to take to our family Thanksgiving. They are in the freezer awaiting the day.


Tuesday 07 Lunch and games at Leander Senior Center. Tom attended prayer meeting in evening while Ella slept/rested.