2013 January 22

2013 January 22

This is Tuesday.  However, it has felt like Saturday to me all day.  I had coffee with the guys here at Shady Oaks Riverside RV Retreat this morning.  And then came home to find that Ella was eating a bowl of cereal for breakfast.  This is a break from routine.  Generally I fix breakfast (for both of us) eat mine and then go to coffee while she catches the last hour or so of sleep.  This morning I didn’t get up until a little after 7.  Well, the gang gets together for coffee at 7:30 so I didn’t eat before I went this morning.  I had in mind to come back and fry some sausage and eggs for our breakfast.  However, since she was eating cereal, I also had a bowl.  Strangely, I seldom eat cereal for breakfast.  I might have it for supper if we’ve had a large lunch or I might have it for a bedtime snack, but seldom for breakfast.

I spent most of the morning importing old blog entries from two of my preexisting blogs: Home Is Wherethe 5th Wheel is and North Pole News.  The original intent of the first one was to give advice to fellow RVers and encouragement and insight for newbie RVers.  While the reason for the second blog was to chronicle our daily lives (mostly for our family and friends).

These two blogs were both inspired by blogs that I formerly had through AOL.  However, AOL discontinued that service and most of the information I had posted there was not recovered.  (Lesson learned … back up everything)  At any rate, what has become evident over the last several years is, I can’t compartmentalize our lives that easily.

We are fulltimers.  We live in our RV(s) all the time, all year.  Therefore much of what happens in our daily lives is directly linked to RVing.  So, here I am creating this new blog, RVing Fulltime With Tom And Ella, which will be a more complete story of our lives.  I will keep the Home Is Where The 5th Wheel Is blog going and copy some of the articles from this blog back to there.  I plan to also add a “Page” on this blog that deals with some of the do it yourself, repair, maintenance, joys and problems of RV living.

This afternoon Ella and I drove to Marble Falls for some shopping.  I needed some items from Lowes and groceries from WalMart.

At Lowe’s I purchase Elmer’s wood glue and clamps to repair a broken cutting board/sink cover.  I also bought some Reflectix insulationwith which I will make sun-blocking window covers for the Hitch Hiker we will leave in Texas.  I’m told it gets hot in Texas in the summer!  I’ll post photos and more info on that project as I go.



We returned home from our shopping just about supper time.  We had pancakes.  And, as I was eating them, I remembered that I am to ‘fast’ after midnight for some blood work tomorrow.  I hope that the syrup is out of my system before they check my blood sugar (I’m pre-diabetic) and have been able to keep it in check with diet and meds.  And no, it wasn’t sugar free syrup, and I usually don’t put syrup on my pancakes.  I like them with just butter/margarine.

After (the unfortunate choice of) supper, I worked on moving more files.  I now have archives for 2010 and 2011 available for viewing by going to the ‘Pages’ tabs at the top of the blog.  It is now a little after nine p.m. and I’m going to post this and then get off of the computer for the night.


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