2013 January 24 Thursday

2013 January 24 Thursday

My day started with coffee with the guys as usual.  I returned home about 8:45 and went in an updated yesterday’s blog entry.  I also moved a few more of the 2012 files to the archive page.

Yesterday while we were in Cedar Park, the animal shelter called to say that Kramer the cat’s ashes were ready to be picked up.  They had called on Ella’s phone and she thought that they had said we could pick Kramer’s remains up after ten o’clock in the morning.  So about ten we drove to the shelter.  The gate was locked.  So we decided go into Kingsland for some shopping and try again later at the shelter.

On the way into Kingsland we decided to locate the address that we will be going to tomorrow.  The local church here (Highland Lakes UMC) has a program called “Supper With Friends”.  What it does is match up three to four families which get together for an evening meal.  One family hosts one month and another the next.  Being unfamiliar with this area, we wanted to be sure that we could find it before dark.  It is a good thing that we did the trial run.  I had received emailed instructions on my Droid Razor Max.  However, Ella was using MapQuest or Navigator and I was following her instructions.  So we went too far.

Llano River  We did not take this picture.  I found it on a website, http://www.castellcabin.com/ and it may be copyrighted.  So I’ve included the link to their site.

As it turns out it was worth going that extra mile in the wrong direction because we found a lovely river crossing on the Llano River.  We did not stop to take pictures this time … but we will certainly be back for some photo shoots.

After turning around and retracing out travels, we did locate the house and are sure we can find it again even in the dark.

Once we found our way into Kingsland by way of some back roads, we stopped at the H.E.B. and picked up some fresh fruit, sliced luncheon meats and some cake mixes.

The cake mixes are for a recipe Ella saw posted on Facebook.  It calls for mixing an angel food cake mix and any other cake mix (we chose yellow cake) and storing the mix.  When you have a hankerin’ for cake but don’t want to heat the oven and get out the mixer, you add a few tablespoons of the mix and a little water to a cup and microwave it.  It sounds simple enough and would make fixing a couple of single servings easy.  So, we’re going to try it.  You can too.  Here are the instructions:

Recipe 1-2-3 Cake*

Start with two packaged cake mixes.  One of them HAS to be Angel Food but the other can be any flavor you like.  Mix the packages of dry ingredients together.  We placed ours in a gallon size zipper locked bag.  Store the mix until you are ready to use it.

When you have the craving for cake, add 3 Tablespoons of mix and 2 Tablespoons of water in a coffee cup.  Microwave on high for 1 minute.  You may have to adjust time according to YOUR microwave.

Top with frosting, fruit, or nothing at all.  Be creative.  We used Pillsbury Easy Frost.  It seemed like the perfect compliment to a one minute cupcake.

*I’d like to credit the person who came up with the recipe.  However, it is something that I’ve seen being passed around on Facebook so I don’t know where it originated.


After H.E.B. we went to Ace Hardware for some furniture legs that I’m going to add to the bottom of a small TV stand that I want to use for storing bedding.  The floor in the 5th wheel is uneven.  There is a ledge about five and a half inches high against the wall.  My solution is to add five and a half inch legs to one side of the cabinet.

By now it was lunch time and we had a coupon for Sonic and there was one very close.  We chose to eat at the drive-in rather than drive through.  The coupon was for the lunch sack special which included two cheese burgers, two tater tot orders and two drinks.  Made a perfect lunch for us and saved us $4.75.

Now we drove back to the animal shelter and found that the gate was still locked.  I was about to turn around when I noticed a second drive and three people sitting under a shelter beside the animal shelter.  I pulled into the drive and asked if they were open.  I was told that they were only open to the public from Saturday through Wednesday.  I said that we had received a call that our cat was ready to be picked up but that we’d come back on Saturday.  The gal said, “No that’s alright, we can do that.  It just isn’t open for viewing and adoptions on Thursday and Friday.”  So we now have a plastic bag full of cat ashes in a cardboard box under the head of our bed.  It’ll stay there until we go back to Cutty’s in the spring.

It is a lovely day with a predicted high near 80 degrees.  I intend to work on the cabinet outside where I can enjoy the weather.  I’ll try to remember to take pictures as I go so that I can post them later.


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