2013 January 27 Sunday Heather and Headbanz

2013 January 27 Sunday

It is 6:30 p.m. and we are just coming home.  We left for church at 7:45 a.m.  The early service was from 8:15 to 9:15.  As soon as we were out of the service we headed toward Austin to visit Heather.  We called to let her know that we were on the way.  When we were about 45 minutes out from her place she called to ask if we would be hungry as soon as we arrived.  We said that we should be arriving about 11:30 to 11:45 and that yes we’d be ready for lunch but could wait.

We had dueling GPS navigators again on this trip.  Mine said to take Texas 29 to 183 and go south.  Ella’s said to go past 183 and take Ronald Reagan Blvd.  As in the past, I bowed to Ella’s instructions.

After we had passed 183 my navigator said to take the Ronald Reagan also.  However when we reached Cedar Park mine said to turn right onto 1431.  Ella’s said to keep going.  Every couple of miles my navigator would say to make a right turn of to make a U-turn.  We kept following Ella’s instructions until we reached Duvall when mine again started to agree with hers.  It seemed to me that we went a long way East and then back to the West to reach our destination.  Next time, I think I’ll try following my system and see where it leads us.

Heather’s dog, Lily was V-E-R-Y excited to see us.  So much so that Heather suggested that we take her to the small dog park near her home.  Lily is a large white dog about a year or two old.  I forget the bread but similar to the pitbull but not as muscular.  Anyway, when we arrived at the park there was a girl/young woman with a small black Boston Bulldog that was a little hyper to see another dog to play with.  Heather would throw a dog ball and both dogs would chase it.  The little bulldog acted like it didn’t know what to do with the ball.  Lily, however, remained very focused on the ball.  The little dog kept getting between Lily and the ball and I was concerned that there might be a problem.  Lily would just wait for the smaller dog to move out of the way and then pick up the ball and return it to be thrown again.

After several minutes the bulldog and owner left and Lily was free to run and chase the ball on her own.  After awhile she got the ball but kept it at the other end of the park rather than bring it back.  Heather said that is how she takes a break in the game.  It’s like Lily knows that if she brings the ball back to Heather, it will get thrown again and that she will HAVE to go get it.  So she just stops bring it back.  She lay down for a while and then picked up a rock and brought it to Heather.  When Heather refused to take the rock, Lily took it away and buried it.  Eventually Heather went and retrieved the ball.

What is the funniest thing that you’ve seen a pet do?

Here are the 3 of us reflected in Cafe Java’s window
A funny thing happened as I was taking this picture.  I had reversed the camera on the Droid so that I could see us and get us all in the photo.  I’m holding it at arms length to get the shot.  I then realize that I’m pointing the camera toward and very close to the man at the table next to us.  I imagine that he must have thought I was trying to get a close up of the inside of his ear!  I explained and apologized to him.

  We returned Lily to the apartment and then piled into Heather’s jeep (not an easy thing for Ella to get into the back seat and not real easy for me to get my feet up and over the door jam in the front seat.  We then went to Café Java for lunch/breakfast.  Heather had her breakfast of biscuits and gravy, Ella had an Ironman omelet, and I had the soft beef taco.  The taco was good but nothing special.  Heather said that although the gravy is not a sausage gravy it reminders her of Iowa.  Ella said that her omelet was okay.  Not a lot of praise for the meal.

In your opinion, where is the best place to eat breakfast and what would you order?

After eating, we return to Heather’s to visit a play a game, Headbanz, where each player wears a headband with a card facing out.  Then they have to guess what the card says.  They can ask the other players questions about the card.  The questions have to be answered with a Yes, No, Maybe or I Don’t Know.  You only have a limited time in which to guess it.  It was fun enough that I’d play it again.

What type of games do you play with friends and family?

As it approached four o’clock, I said that we needed to be leaving.  The idea of driving straight into the setting sun isn’t appealing but driving after dark isn’t either so I wanted to get moving.  We said our good byes and left.  It was a nice visit and I’m glad that we were able to spend some time with her.

After leaving Heather’s we drove to WalMart so that Ella could buy her 2 pound bag of Werther’s.  Some of the meds that she takes gives her a dry mouth.  So she considers the Werthers to be an over the counter medication. (Grin)

We had to , of course, check out the discount items while were at WalMart.  We escaped with no further damage to our checkbook.

It just so happens that the WalMart we stop at is just across the street from Bartlett’s Resturant where Heather and my older son, Arik, are chefs.

We stopped in Burnet at Whataburger for a couple of malts.

Do you become impatient when waiting in lines at the drive through?

How would you handle these type of delays if you

were the owner/manager of a fast food place?


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