2013 January 29 Tuesday a day at the VA

Isn’t that a lovely shade of pink in the sky?

The day has begun with some wind.  There is a chance of rain also.  Which in this area of Texas would be a good thing … er .. thang.  There are fire alert warnings out because the dry conditions and gusty winds could spread a wildfire very quickly.


I’ve been to morning coffee and am now getting ready to go to the VA Clinic in Cedar Park for my annual physical.  I’m hoping to get referrals for glasses and hearing aids also.  The last prescription glasses I had broke a couple years ago and I’ve been wearing older glasses from a prescription that may be fifteen years old.  I really need to be able to read the fine print on my prescription bottles.  And the ‘hearing aid’ that I’m using is actually a sound amplifier that I purchased at Cabela’s sporting goods.  It is designed for hunters to be able to hear the deer etc.

It is now three p.m. and we back from Cedar Park.  My lab work all looked very good.  Heart and lungs are okay immunizations are up to date.  However there is a new tetanus shot that also guards against whooping cough.  They are recommending that I get that shot.  I said that I was concerned about my right knee giving out on me at times.  So, I had an xray taken.  They are also sending a blood pressure monitor so that I can give them a report the next time that I’m in.  They wanted to set a six month check up and I said that I will be in Iowa in six months but if they want to set a twelve month check up that would be okay.

I have referrals for an eye exam.  However, I was told that I did not qualify for glasses.  I also do not qualify for hearing aids.  Bummer.  Between the exam and the xray we had time to go to KFC for lunch.

Then when we were finally done at the clinic we took a back road from Cedar Park to Liberty Hill.

We stopped at a couple of thrift shops on the way home.  Awhile back, Ella saw a powerlift recliner at a shop in Burnet that closely matches our furniture.  Because one of our current recliners is a piece of junk, she wanted to see if it was still available.  It wasn’t.


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