Just Thinking about Journaling

New Doc 2017-09-13_1
A page from my mother’s final journal.

Do you ever think about what the events in lives mean in the greater ebb and flow of our existence? As I’m writing my blog, I am for the most part, chronicling “events”. Mostly they are small events … the everyday events like “Ate breakfast and then went to the Cafe for coffee with friends.” Sometimes they are major events such as, “I had heart surgery yesterday.”

As I said, I mark these events on my blog. My mother did this for years and years by writing in journals. I have those journals from the last decade of her life. At the end her hands shook so much that the entries are difficult to read.

As I am now saving my chronicles of events, it occurs to me that the events are like stones in a brook. They may divert the water as it flows by. But they make little or no difference to the stream.

The flow of life is that way also. Life is what happens all around the events and not the events themselves.


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