2017 September Santa U day 2

Our room

Friday 15th I awoke at 5:30 (mountain time). How did my body adjust to the time zone change and still wake me at my normal time? Or maybe, in reality I over slept by an hour because it would have been 6:30 central time.

It was nice to take a L-O-N-G shower! When you live full time in an RV, you learn to take shorter showers. Because your waste water goes into holding tanks that you then have to empty. 0916170719_HDRSo it was a luxury to take a longer shower in such a roomy stall.

We went down to a buffet breakfast that included just about every possible thing that might be considered breakfast food.

Our manager, Becky, had a short meeting with our group before going in and joining the larger group. Ever wonder what a room full of Santas would look like?

A room full of Santas and Mrs. Clauses in the back rows

And how are you to find “your” Santa in a group like this?2017-09-15_08.11.35 Easy. He’s the one with the plaid tam o’ shanter.

We started the meeting with the company history. Which isn’t very long because it is a newly combined company. Okay, we had the company(s) histories of both Noerr Programs and Cherry Hill Photography.

We had talks from organizations that we partner with such as Save The Children. There was a presentation by an Autism group.

We also had a representative from NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) who told us how they had accidentally become part of Santa’s history. Way back in 1955 a company had run an advertisement in the paper where you could call a phone number and speak directly to Santa. The only problem was the number was printed incorrectly and it actually dialed into the RED PHONE at NORAD. The first call they received was passed off as a prank. However as more calls started coming in, they started to play along and give updates on Santa’s current location. And the tradition has continued since then. There is even a website that tracks the Big Guy’s movements.

We broke for lunch.21727991_10155731171957258_4235982954233674786_n

When we got back to the meeting room, we heard short stories from some of the Santas present. We then stuffed 300 “stockings” to be delivered to children affected by the hurricanes.

In the afternoon we went outside for a group photo


And so ended our day



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