2017 November 4-7


Saturday 04 What a muggy start to the day. The overnight temp never went below 70° and an unusually high 98% humidity. I started the day by blowing up two eggs in the microwave. Yep! That’s what I said; I blew up two eggs in the microwave. I’ve made “boiled” eggs in the microwave many times in the past. But this morning, I had the power too high or the time too long and BOOM! Fortunately, we were not rushed for time. There is little on our schedule to which we needed to rush. We had a Fall Fest at church and a football game (or two) in the afternoon.

1106170905-1I am still coughing up gobs of phlegm and so is Ella. This URI is getting OLD.

We got to the Fall Fest around ten thirty. I took a quick walk around and decided there was nothing at the 35 booths that I needed or desired. Actually, I decided that there was little or nothing that most men would need or desire. It was definitely geared toward women. I guess that shouldn’t have surprised me because it is sponsored by the UML (United Methodist Ladies) and they are the ones who went looking for vendors. We purchased two tickets to go into some drawings. Ella chose which items for which she would enter to win. And she did she won both a bracelet and a wall hanging. We visited with some folks and had a hot dog and drink and then decided it was time to return home for more medication and more rest.

After resting for a while we headed to FB_IMG_1509880465721Roundrock High School for Tate’s flag football game. This was the final game of the season and if they won it they would immediately play in the Super Bowl. It was an exciting game with the lead switching many times. The final score was 25 to 25. So it went into overtime with each team given a chance to score. Unfortunately the other team DID score and Tate’s team did not.

We were invited to go to lunch with the team but chose instead to return home for more medications and more rest. We stopped at H.E.B. (grocery store) for milk and bread. I also purchased some vanilla pudding to cook. Warm pudding is one of my comfort foods when I’m my throat is scratchy.


Sunday 05 We had breakfast, attended worship, sang in the choir … as best as we could, stayed for Sunday school, and then went home to try and sleep off these colds. We didn’t even attend the Bible Study in the evening. We’re getting sick and tired of being sick and tired.


Monday 06 We had lunch and games at Leander Senior Center. They often bring in day old bread and pastries. This time there were also some canned goods. One of the items was a restaurant size can of pork and beans.

I took it home so that I could make some for the potluck at the Emmaus Gathering2017-11-06_20.30.46 and potluck at the church in the evening. I had a bottle of specialty sauce that I purchased several years ago. It was part of a two for one package deal. The other sauce in the set was what I wanted at the time. But I thought that at some point I might want to try “Pineapple, Mango, Coconut, Tequila sauce.” Well this was the time. Into the beans it went. I heated it. Tasted it. And decided to add a small can of crushed pineapple to the mix. I liked it. I brought slightly less than half of it home from the potluck. So, now I have “Drunken Beans” to take to our family Thanksgiving. They are in the freezer awaiting the day.


Tuesday 07 Lunch and games at Leander Senior Center. Tom attended prayer meeting in evening while Ella slept/rested.


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