2017 November 19-26


Sunday 19th No work for Santa today so we were at church for breakfast, worship, and Sunday school … in order of occurrence not in order of importance. Today’s sermon was on being of service and checklist sheets were passed to each person in the congregation. There were a series of headings with details below. The idea was for everyone to check one section or more that they would be willing to do for the church and the community. I videoed the service and if I can get a connection for long enough I will load it to Youtube and post a link here.

The pastor will be attending a seminar on Safety in the Church this evening. That means that our Sunday evening bible study will not take place. I guess we’ll just rest the remainder of the day.

Monday the 20th  32° overnight. Time to wear a jacket today. We’ve settled into this schedule of me dropping Ella off at the Leander Senior Center on my way to the mall. And then picking her up at the library on the way home.

Tuesday the 21st It was Ella’s birthday so after picking her up at the library, we went out for supper. To my surprise, her choice was Golden Chick. I had expected her to choose Chinese buffet.

Wednesday the 22nd Ella went to Grandies this morning while I went on to the mall. Charlotte brought her home afterward.

I stopped at Walmart on the way home to pick up our prescriptions and some grocery items. To my surprise it was closed when I got there. There had been a fire overnight. I was told that I would be able to pick up our medications at another Walmart. The nearest other Walmart was about a 15-20 minute drive in the opposite direction than home. So I chose to forgo the meds and just stop at H.E.B. for the groceries.

People were laying in supplies like it was the end of the world. The bread isle was stripped as was the bottled water. Seriously? I’ve seen this behavior when large storms are predicted but never for a holiday. And it’s not like the store wasn’t going to be open for most of the day tomorrow.


Thursday 23rd Thanksgiving we went to Adam & Leigha’s for dinner. The whole Texas clan was there: Adam, Leigha, Tate, Emery, Arik, Jenny, Sofia, Beket, Heather, Austin, Becky, Dave, John, and Lori. Everyone brought something different to the table (literally). We had plenty of snacks before the big meal and deserts afterward. There were, crafts, games, and plenty of conversation. Sofia has gotten very good at creating fake bloody wounds. She demonstrated her talents by “injuring” her brother and cousins. And then showing them to us. She “decorated” Emery with a leg wound and then they met Grandma Becky at the door with Adam carrying her out. Becky was fooled until she saw Tate laughing.


Friday 24th (Black Friday) at Lakeline Mall had the stores busy. However, Santa wasn’t as busy as I had expected. I guess parents were too busy shopping to take a few minutes for the kids for to see Santa. Having said that, we were busy all day … just not the long lines that I was expecting.

The Leander Senior Center was closed for the day so Ella stayed home.

I went to the other Walmart and purchased our prescriptions and the remainder of the groceries I was unable to find at H.E.B. on Wednesday. As expec1122171707 (1)ted the store was busy. However, I had most of the grocery section to myself. No big Black Friday Deals on bread and eggs I guess. After I arrived home we went to Jardine’s for supper and had a very satisfying Mexican meal.


Saturday 25th 49° overnight so it was still chilly enough to wear a jacket to the mall.

Ella remained at home and did some housework while I played with kids all day.

We are starting to see the lines waiting for Santa that I had expected on Friday. As the time draws closer to Christmas the lines will become longer. That means that I will get to spend less time coxing the timid or afraid to come sit on my lap. There will be more of the “drop and run” photos of crying children. I don’t like that part of the job because, if I’m given the time, I can convince the shy ones to interact with Santa. The drop and run gets a photo for Mom and Dad but isn’t a happy time for the little one … or Santa.


Sunday 26th 52° overnight made for a perfect Lord’s Day. Steve’s sermon was about the End Times and how we are to be prepared. Are we to hunker down or be busy seeking the lost sheep?

The choir participated in an unusual special number. The hymn “Reach out and Touch” was played three times. The first time it was just a flute and piano (with other orchastra on a computer). The second time through the choir didn’t sing. We “Ooohed” as one member read the words of the hymn. The third time it was with the instruments and the choir ooohing with out the spoken words. It seemed to have been well received.

After worship and Sunday school we decorated the sanctuary. Christmas tree is up, lit, and decorated. Wreaths are up all around the campus (Sanctuary, Multipurpose Sanctuary, and Fellowship Hall).

Once everything was done at the church, we drove into Leander to do laundry at the Laundromat.


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