2018 January 02 Tuesday.

For some reason our furnace did not run overnight. The electric fireplace was running which kept us from becoming popsicles. It was 58° inside and 20°outside. We slept plenty warm between flannel sheets with a deeply quilted comfort and Sherpa lined blanket throws.

I got breakfast started while Ella grudgingly crawled out of that nice warm bed.

While breakfast cooked, I examined the innards of the thermostat. It is a non digital, non mercury switch, bimetal coil type of mechanism.

Nothing was obviously broken and all seven wires on the back of the unit seemed to be securely connected. Hmm. I checked the fuse and it was okay. Hmm again. I got the model and part numbers and did a Google search. Found the part for $220+ and ordered it.

In the mean time, I’ve turned the fireplace up.

It seemed like a good day to go shopping … somewhere warm.

On one of the RV sites, I new RVer asked if a Crock-Pot was a good purchase for her RV. Amazingly, the overwhelming response was to purchase an Insta Pot.

I have admit that I had no idea what it was. So, “Hey Google, what is an Insta Pot?”

It is an amazing appliance that slow cooks, pressure cooks, sautes, steams rice, makes yogurt, and on and on.

So, as I said, we went shopping seeking warmth. However, as long as we were shopping, we might as well look for an Insta Pot. Walmart carries them … but were out of stock. I had them call other area Wallyworlds and every one were also out of stock.

I opened the Walmart app and found that they were cheaper and could be shipped directly to me or to be picked up at the local store. Sounds good so I ordered it. Well … I tried to order it. I got a message informing me that it could not be shipped to my zip code, neither directly nor to the store.

“Okay Google, open Amazon prime.” Yes! 3 in stock. Only slightly more than Walmart. However when I went to check out, the shopping was over $400.00. I know it HAS to be an error. But it’s not my job to straighten out their mistake.

Scratch looking for the appliance.

Let’s go to Costco for some supplements.

That done. Where to now?

Hey, there’s a Target store just on the other side of the toll road.

And, yes, they had it. They had quite a few. Now we have one also.

With only a stop for LP, we returned to our somewhat less chilly home (62°).

It seemed like a good idea to do some baking.

One peach cobbler and one apple strudel pie later the inside temp was up to 63°.

We spent the rest of the afternoon covered up in our recliners.

And then …

And then …

The furnace kicked on.

And has been running just like it is supposed to run.

I’m still going to change it out when the new one arrives.


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