2018 January 04


Thursday. I know I said last night that I was going to use my electric heaters or night. However, the furnace / thermostat was working so well that I decided to forgo the auxiliary heat.

So it wasn’t too great if a surprise to awaken to a cold RV this morning. 52°

I turned on both the electric fireplace and the space heater then crawled back under the covers.

I lay there for about 45 minutes before once again rolling out of bed. Shortly thereafter the furnace came on. At that point I turned the other heaters off. Curiouser and curiouser.

I had a 9 o’clock appointment with my orthopedic doctor. So right after breakfast we left home.

The doctor did a series of x-rays of my left knee. I requested this because the orthopedic specialist in Iowa had suggested that it was time for a knee replacement. 2018-01-04_16.02.32

The new x-rays taken today do not show that degree of deterioration. This doctor suggested a series of deep joint injections of hyaluronic. This is a substance found in and made from chicken wattles and combs. Which is why it is sometimes called cockscomb injections. As I understand it, if I’m approved for the procedure, there will be a series of injections over a three to five weeks.

The hoped for result that I will be pain free for one to two years.

I have not discussed the cost difference between this and cortisone injections every four months over the same time period.

When we were finished at the doctor’s, we went to the Over the Hill Gang for lunch and to play Canasta with friends. We took the apple streusel pie, that I baked the other day, so we could share it.

Shortly after returning home we received call informing us the Ella’s stepdaughter’s husband had died. We knew that the time was near. He had cancer in his lungs and heart.

We are trying to find some inexpensive round trip tickets so she can go to the funeral and be with the family.


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