2018 January 08 Monday

I spent the night at Adam and Leigha’s. The couch in the TV room makes into a bed. Once I found a spot between the support bars, it was alright. I didn’t sleep well though… different bed and no wife. I woke around four and shortly afterward Adam and Leigha left for their “gladiator training”. And at that time Dude came in and wanted on the bed with me.

After breakfast Tate, Emery, and I played Monopoly. I managed to loose everything by 9:30 while it took Emery until 10 to loose everything to Tate. He had hotels on Boardwalk and Park place

At noon I was on a video call with Ella when Adam came home for lunch. He was just leaving when Leigha got home. She’s not done working just going to finish the day making phone calls from home.

Tate is watching TV while Emery is doing something on her electronics.

Adam returned home and started supper. I left after supper and thanked them for having me over.

I stopped at the grocery store and purchased the few items that I hadn’t bought yesterday when Adam had called me back.

As soon as I returned home, I put together a peach cobbler to take to the senior center tomorrow.


Published by Tom

husband, father, grandfather, great grandfather, and Santa

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