2018 January 31 Wednesday


2018 January 31st Wednesday

So did y’all get up and go out to see what hadn’t been seen 1866? The super (closest in its elliptical orbit and 30% brighter), blue (2nd full moon of the month), blood moon (full lunar eclipse)? Ella and I did. We sat in camping chairs in the middle of a large open space. We bundled against the 47° temperature and 11 mph breeze.

Starting at 5:45 a.m. local Texas time the top of the moon started to be eaten away by the Earth’s shadow. We took photos but our camera phones didn’t do the spectacle justice. We watched until the moon was totally swallowed up. We did not, however, wait for it to become uneclipsed (not a real word but you get the idea).

Once it was over, Ella voted to go back to bed. Instead I started breakfast. Since we ate earlier than normal, we had plenty of time to get ready to go to our Grandies meeting.

Grandies For Christ is a service club of old people. Our biggest mission is a card ministry. We mail: get well, missing you, sorry for your loss, happy birthday, happy anniversary, merry Christmas, and more cards. We also purchase snacks for those children in our schools who may be homeless, impoverished, or otherwise in need. We also partner with Operation Liberty Hill which is a combined food pantry and thrift store. We will soon begin purchasing candy and filling several thousand (not an exaggeration) Easter eggs for Cross Tracks Church’s egg hunt. There are many more mission projects that we support or participate in thought the year. Oh yes … we also play games (Canasta, Dominoes, Bridge, etc.) after the meeting.

After Grandies Ella and I had lunch at one of our favorite local restaurants Hobo Junction. It is in an old train depot and was originally named Hobo Depot. If you like good southern country cookin’, this is the place.

Our afternoon was just boring stuff that two old people do on a sunny day.

Dahlia’s Entrance

In the evening we went to Dahlia’s for a snack before choir practice. Dahlia’s is a locally owned restaurant that serves what I call fancied up country food.

They are also an outdoor music venue when the weather is nice. I is definitely family friendly. They have a large playground area and outside dining … again when the weather is nice.

Dahlia’s play area and outdoor seating

At choir, I have to say, to my untrained, partially deaf ears, we sounded pretty darn good. We have just started practicing for our Easter cantata.

By the way, do you realize that Easter falls on April Fools Day this year? Who among you readers know why April First is called April Fools?


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