2018 February 26 Monday

2018 February 26 Monday in Liberty Hill Texas2018-02-26_07.01.48.jpg44° at 5:30 this morning. Maybe I should have closed the windows. 2018-02-26_07.57.12.jpg

Ella and I fasted this morning for lab work at the doctor’s office. I was supposed to have done my labs a week ago when I had my wellness exam. However I had eaten breakfast. So today when Ella had her fasting wellness exam, I completed mine also.

Something that nobody told me about growing old was how much time you spend at doctors. And how many doctors you’ll see. Primary doctor(s): 3 because we move between Texas and Iowa yearly we have one at each place plus my primary VA doctor. Specialists: cardiologists 2 main (again Texas & Iowa) plus 1 for CPAP machine, plus the Cumin clinic. I didn’t count the three or four cardiac surgeons who have worked on me nor the paramedics and emergency room doctors. Orthopedic, Chiropractor, Physical Therapist, ENT, Allergists. Optometrist & Ophthalmologist, Dentist, Oral Surgeon, & Dental Technician. And probably more than I haven’t thought of. Do I get any exercise? Yes. Just going to doctors! Okay, to quote Forrest Gump, “And that’s all I have to say about that.”

Our wellness exam went alright. Ella, as usual, have up her blood easily. 2018-02-26_18.29.13.jpg, as usual, did not. It took three sticks before they struck blood and then the last vial took a long time to fill. It’s a good thing I’m on blood thinners or they might have to carve the blood out with a knife.


By the time we were done at the doctor’s it was definitely time for breakfast. Our choice for today was Hobo Junction®. I love their chicken fried steak with gravy. Add biscuit, eggs, and grits … well that’s just shirt off heaven. The restaurant is a former depot so it sits right along the tracks Liberty Hill. And it retains that rustic look of days gone by.

We made it to Leander Senior center about ten thirty. The usual hang were playing Rummikub® so we got out the second Rummikub game and started playing. Before long, Claudette came in and joined us. Ella won the game just as they were bringing out lunches to us.

Lunch was on the menu as taco, re fried beans and salad. It was taco meat, tomatoes and lettuce dumped on corn tortillas chips. Since we had a larger breakfast just two hours earlier, neither of us could eat it all.

MVIMG_20180226_125052.jpg2018-02-26_13.59.38.jpgWe stayed at the center until around one. Then we made our way to Dr. Borick’s office for the fourth injection in my knee. Someone had ask me if this was the biologic or a synthetic rooster comb. I had no idea. So I asked the doctor. It is not synthetic nor is it made from cock’s comb. It is grown in a lab from the DNA of the rooster comb. Ain’t science grand?

On the way home we stopped at Mom’s (our lovely friend, Florence) house to give her some pink roses.

We got a nice skyscape this evening.



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