2018 March 13 Tuesday

2018 March 13 Tuesday in Liberty Hill Texas

37° with some interesting clouds just before sunrise..


When we checked the menu at the center today and saw that it was a salad with grapes and crackers, we decided to stay home for games and lunch.

2018-03-13_10.15.26.jpgFast Track and Rummikub were our games of choice this morning.

For lunch I had intended to make a quick beef stroganoff using a small tin of beef. I got everything mixed up only to discover that it was barbequed beef. So, we had BBQed stroganoff. It was quite good actually.



The saying goes, “Knowledge is power.” And that is true. Knowledge is like a mighty race car. However, unless that car is under the guidance of a capable driver, it serves no purpose. Wisdom is what puts knowledge to work. By all means seek knowledge. But pray also that the Lord our God grants you wisdom without it your knowledge is worthless.
Psalms 111:10
The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom. Good sense is shown by everyone who follows God’s guiding principles. His praise continues forever.



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