2018 March 24 Saturday

2018 March 24 Saturday in Liberty Hill Texas

65°. No sunrise again today. This is not a black and white photograph. There just isn’t any color today.

I thought that we had nothing to do today and all day to get it done. However, when I checked the calendar, I realized that Beket had a baseball game at one thirty.
He got a walk to first, them stole second and third. Unfortunately the batter struck out before Beket could make it home. His team (Red Socks) won 7-5.

While at the game, we got a text from Adam and Leigha inviting us to lunch after church tomorrow.

Jenny also sent out a group text (we were sitting next to her) inviting the family to their house for Easter supper.

MUSING – March 24 2018


Numbers 11:10-12
Moses heard people from every family crying at the entrance to their tents. The LORD became very angry, and Moses didn’t like it either. So he asked, “LORD, why have you brought me this trouble? How have I displeased you that you put the burden of all these people on me? Am I their mother? Did I give birth to them? Are you really asking me to carry them in my arms–as a nurse carries a baby–all the way to the land you promised their ancestors with an oath?

I remember a sign that was posted in the bathroom of a small Ma & Pa restaurant. The sign read, “I’m not your mother, clean up your own mess.”

I’m sure that everyone who has been in charge of other people has had similar feelings.

In a private conversation with a pastor, they said that trying to lead Christians is like herding kittens. They are warm and fuzzy but it’s nearly impossible to keep them moving in the same direction.

I know that at times, both as supervisor and as a preacher, I’ve felt like a cat wrangler. It is frustrating at times. You feel that the you are all alone with an impossible task. Why won’t they listen?

Moses felt so burdened that he cried out to the LORD. “I can’t take care of all these people by myself. This is too much work for me! If this is how you’re going to treat me, why don’t you just kill me? I can’t face this trouble anymore.”

The LORD heard and answered Moses by providing helpers to share the burden.

Here is the question of the day: Am I a burden or am I a helper to those tasked with leading me?



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