2018 April 03 Monday

2018 April 03 Monday in Liberty Hill Texas

67° and breezy with an overcast sky. Last night the Venetian blinds in the bedroom were clanging as the breeze blew them in and out. I finally raised them far enough that they stopped flopping in the wind. It was still overcast when we returned from the center at one thirty. Temperature then was 74° and the wind has calmed.

MUSING – April 03 2018


Psalms 133:1-2
“See how good and pleasant it is when brothers and sisters live together in harmony! It is like fine, scented oil on the head, running down the beard–down Aaron’s beard– running over the collar of his robes.

My children love and respect each other. It wasn’t always so, As youngsters, there were plenty of times that they would argue and fight … sometimes physically. However, as adults, they enjoy spending time together. It truly is a good and pleasant thing. I’m extremely proud of the people they’ve become.

I think that this analogy works well in our schools, workplaces, and certainly in our churches. Where there is harmony in the group, the leader(s) of that group are blessed. Symbolically they have scented oil on their heads and beards.

Does the leader of your group have an oily beard? If not, what can you do to change the situation?

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