2018 June 09 Saturday

2018 June 09 Saturday in Grimes Iowa

74° start with 92° by 3 p.m. and 83° at 9 p.m. Hot and sticky all day.

It wouldn’t be an officially started day without coffee at the cafe with friends.

A couple days ago I won some prizes at bingo. I let Ella pick out what she wanted. She got a bottle of marinade. Last night before bed I put a couple steaks in Ziploc bags with the marinade. This morning I seared them on both sides and put them in a crockpot. Steamed some broccoli and corn and head a nice lunch with cantaloupe for dessert.

Before going to Nathan’s, with Ella’s help, I wrestled the entertainment up the steps and in the living room.

That’s not really what I had in mind for the living room. It’s way too large. My plan is to disassemble it and make a coffee table.

Nathan, with help from his dad and a neighbor, were running a phone/data line to the garage.

Great grandma gave the boys a stick horse today. Toy or weapon? You decide.

After leaving Nathan’s we made a stop at Dairy Queen for blizzards.

In the early evening Ella stops in line for cotton candy

Watched Family Feud live under the shelter in Main Street.

Got a nice sky shot just before sunset.

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