2018 July 25 Wednesday in

2018 July 25 Wednesday in Grimes Iowa

Without my phone I didn’t have a morning Sunrise shot this morning. and I really didn’t know what the temperature was at Daybreak. Today was hazy but bright.

I worked from 8 to 2: 30 today. Ella went to a coffee as usual and Stockton brought me an iced tea on her way out to go over to the Grimes seniorcenter.

While at work, since it was so slow, I began working on ideas for the August 5th sermon.

While I was working in the fee booth today, a truck pulled off the road and stopped at the beginning of our drive. It appeared to be carrying two large pieces of granite countertop, approximately 6 foot by 6 foot. He stopped, got out, tugged a little bit on the restraining straps, walked around the truck, scratched his head, and got back into the truck. He just sat there for a long time. Eventually another truck pulled up with two more men in it. They climbed up on the first truck with some extra stain restraining straps. They worked for quite a while making sure that the slabs were held good and steady. As they were finishing up, one of the men walked up to the fee booth with a cell phone in his hand. They had found it while they were working out there. I asked them what they were doing and he answered that in the middle of transporting, one of the slabs of granite had crackef down the middle. and they were trying to secure it before they moved it any further.

I thank them for bringing the phone up to me. After they had left, I checked the phone’s contact list and found the name of the owner. I did a search of Cutty members and found that there were several members that had the same last name but not the same first name. I began calling to see if I could find somebody who knew this person. but the phones numbers I called either belong to somebody else at this point, or didn’t answer, or went straight to voicemail. So as of the time I left work this afternoon I still hadn’t found the owner of the phone. I did put it on a charger so they would be fully charged incase someone tried calling. Maybe we can answer it and see if they had another way of getting hold of this person.

About the one the FedEx truck arrived with a package and it just so happened that it was my replacement phone. Yay!

Ella came and got me at 2: 30 when I was off work. we then went to Village Inn to join our friends who were already there eating their pie. Because I had not eaten lunch I ordered a meal and a piece of pie. We sat and visited for quite a while.

after we left Village in we drove into Des Moines to the Verizon store. They help me set up the new phone. and we also purchased a device to go in our truck that works with OnStar. It is called HUM X and does a multitude of things such as: gives roadside assistance, monitores your driving habits, monitores your vehicles systems, let’s you set showered limits and boundary limits which inform you if the vehicle exceeds a present speed or goes beyond a set distance (good for parents to monitor children’s driveing). It also, for an extra fee, provided you with WiFi on the road.

I was happy to get a working phone again. However because the old phone would not turn on, we were unable to do the quick and easy transfer of data directly from the old to the new. Which meant reloading and updating my apps.

It was nice to be able to capture this sunset.

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