2018 August 16 Thursday

2018 August 16 Thursday in Grimes Iowa

66° with an almost foggy haze in the air. It is amazing that the forest fires on the west coast could be affecting the air in the Midwest. It kept the temperature from going above 82° at noon and kept it steady there until after 4 p.m.

As I do every Thursday, I checked my blood clothing factor. Today I was a little on the”thin” side. Partially this was due to the steroids I’ve been on since Sunday morning’s trip to the emergency room. I received a call from the Coumadin Clinic advising my to lower my dosage for the next couple of days, until I’m no longer on the steroids.

After breakfast we went to Cutty’s Cafe for coffee with Francis and Sandy, Keith, and Gail. We stayed there until about 10:15. I had an appointment for a follow up with the doctor to verify that I’m recovering from the allergy attack.

We arrived at the senior center in time for lunch. Unfortunately they were serving meat loaf. And after all the health problems caused by the meatloaf last Thursday, I decided to not have it. The side dish was pureed sweet potatoes which I do not like. Bake ’em, butter ’em and I’ll eat them. Make them look like baby food that’s already passed through the baby and I won’t. I went to McDonald’s and had an egg McMuffin.


We had a guest speaker today who had some of us doing the Macarena.

This video doesn’t exist


Here is a practice run through the sermon for this coming Sunday.

G’nite y’all!

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