2018 August 17 Friday

2018 August 17 Friday in Grimes Iowa

65° and mostly clear start of the day.

As I was sitting outside waiting for the sunrise, I noticed that morning doves, ducks, and many other birds are beginning to flock together. I think fall may actually be on its way.

And finally, the sun arose.


We played games and ate at the senior center.

Ella’s shoulder had been bothering her for some time now. I’ve been telling her to make a doctor’s appointment. Today, after lunch, I dialed the doctor’s office and handed her the phone. They got her in within an hour and a half. After examining her, he said he thought it was a turn rotator cup.

We had just returned home (not even gotten out of the truck) when we heard sirens that sounded like they entered the campground and stopped. Immediately, we thought of our friends the Stones because their seasonal site is just inside the gate. We drove up there and there fire truck, ambulance, and sheriff’s SUV were at Stone’s RV. Sue, who is disabled, had fallen from her rolling chair. Tom was unable to lift her and called 911. Apparently she was alright just too shaken up.

Later in the evening 16 of us gathered at Cutty’s Adult Center to play Card Jackpot. Ella won a round and I split a jackpot with one other person.

The sky was completely overcast at sundown so no photo tonight.

G’nite y’all!

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