2018 September 22 Saturday

2018 September 22 Saturday in Grimes Iowa

47° start that reached a cloudy, breezy high of 68°.

The Cutty’s cafe was open this morning at 9:00. Our coffee group gathered there for what will probably be the last time at the cafe this year.

This morning. Stoney and Sue, Sandy and Francis, Bob, Ella and I visited until around 10 when Ella and I went to Walmart to purchase some fixins’ for a fruit salad. The salad was for an end-of-the-season block party with our neighbors here at Cutty’s.

The party started at one and I had to leave at one thirty to get dressed and lunch packed for work. Mostly I had desserts because almost everything else had onions in it. There were some small fried fishes and a pulled pork sandwich that I could eat.


My last day of work and the clock stopped. No, really! The clock at the fee booth stopped at 8:45 p.m. I worked 2-9. Last night, as I was waiting for nine o’clock, I was tidying the desks and restocking supplies. Do you know that feeling that time slows down when you’re waiting? I though that was what I was experiencing. But, no, the clock had actually stopped and it was 9:06 when I looked at the clock on my smart phone. I guess the workplace didn’t want me to leave.



G’nite y’all!

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