2018 September 24 Monday

2018 September 24 Monday in Grimes, Clive, Urbandale, and Des Moines Iowa

57° start and 79° high for the day.

Facebook this morning had a post from a young friend asking for prayer. She had multiple health and emotional situations that she had been dealing with. She is going in for an echocardiogram and is fearful of the results and what it may mean.

It occurs to me that we all have that thing in our life that we fear. It may be physical, emotional, financial, spiritual, relational, social, or some other “…al”. However, when that fear comes to the forefront of our lives it seems so huge that it overshadows and colors all our thoughts and actions.

It is a trick of perspective that a mountain in the distance appears small whereas a pebble, when viewed close up, appears gigantic. The evil one uses this trick to move that tiny thing that we fear closer in hopes that we will move our faith into the far distance.

However, we must keep our thoughts on whatever is right or deserves praise: things that are true, honorable, fair, pure, acceptable, or commendable.* Remember that the Creator and Sustainer of the universe is far greater than all our fears.

We were unable to get together with friends for coffee this morning because we had dentist appointments. Both of us have new fillings now.

Lunch was at a Chinese buffet which made Ella moan in pleasure at finding her favorite foods.

The last storm let us know the we had a leak … right over our bed.


I also loaded the fifth wheel receiver hitch back into the truck. Every year that I grow older that thing gets heavier. One of these years I won’t be able to do this by myself anymore.

By the way, I KNOW that it is upside down. I have to replace a spring that keeps the Jaws tight on the fifth wheel. So it is upsidedown until the spring is replaced.


It’s been a busy day.



G’nite y’all!

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*Philippians 4:8


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