2018 October 02 Tuesday

2018 October 02 Tuesday in Austin, Cedar Park, Leander, Liberty Hill Texas

72°and foggy overcast in the morning. 80° and humid at ten o’clock at night.

I woke at Arik and Jenny’s a little before 5 this morning and began my devotion for the day ,(see link below) I began to hear the family up and moving. Jenny had to leave early in the morning. Then Beket left to catch his school bus. A short time later it was Sofia’s turn to leave for school. Ella got up and around and we said goodbye to Arik (he was getting ready for work).

Our first stop was to gas up the truck 23.627 gallons of regular at $2.489/gal.

We drove through Leander to check the progress on building the new senior center/Head Start/Meals on Wheels. They’ve erected a sign. The bond issue past several years ago to build it … Glad to see that they are moving right along. Groan.

Cross track church has a new pastor since we left for Iowa. We stopped to introduce ourselves. However, he was with somebody. So we decided to have breakfast and then come back later.

Hobo Junction is one of our favorite places to eat in Liberty Hill Texas. They serve good old country favorites done right.

After breakfast we went back over to the church and introduced ourselves to Pastor John Saint. We visited with him for about 20 to 30 minutes.

The Stocktank RV park was our next stop. We pulled into our site (without the fifth wheel) and unloaded the bed of Rudolf the red nose pick up. Most of it went into a storage shed on the site.

We then went over and backed up to the fifth wheel. it was sitting too low to hook up to the truck and the trailor’s battery was dead so we couldn’t raise it. That was my fault because in all the hubbub from last spring I forgot to unhook the battery. So now I did unhook the battery and took it into an auto repair place to have them charge it.

Before leaving the camper in storage, we did pick up some clothes to take with us back into Arik and Jenny’s house.

Ella remembered that she had forgotten to pick up her medical folder. It was part of those items left in the storage shed at the campsite. So we went back and retrieve the folder before going to Walmart for some clothes shopping.

At Walmart the line was really long at the checkout so I went through the self-checkout, which I seldom do. The person who had used the machine just ahead of me had left a package sitting on the machine. I pointed it out to the attendant and she said, “I’ll just hang on to it,” Nothing perishable was in it. So I went ahead and checked out. We bought two pair of jeans and two shirts. Upon arriving back at the kids’ house we discovered that we had the pants but we did not have the shirts. I called the store and they looked and sure enough they had our shirts they’d been turned into customer service.

In the evening we went back to Walmart and picked up the missing shirts. Then we drove on into Liberty Hill to Frank’s Automotive Repair and retrieved our battery. From there we went to Sonic for supper.

And then back to the church for Tuesday prayer meeting.

G’nite y’all!

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