2018 October 16 Tuesday

2018 October 16 Tuesday in Liberty Hill and Georgetown

41° rain and wind that reached a high of 45° with rain and wind.

The South San Gabriel River bridge on 1869 (our main road from home into Liberty Hill) flooded over during the early morning hours today. By the time we went over it at around ten this morning, the water was once again running late under the bridge. However they was debris from the flooding still on the bridge. I didn’t think to take pictures this morning. I did take pictures on our return home this afternoon. This is the South San Gabriel River which most of the year can be walked across and maybe get your ankles wet

And this is the Little San Gabriel which is normally dry enough to not get the bottom of your feet wet.

Despite the flooding and the rain,

we made it to the Georgetown senior center for lunch. Once again no one stayed to play bingo.

When we arrived home it was about 57° inside. I turned the heat on and before long it was a comfortable 68°.

Tuesday night prayer meeting went from 7 to 8.

G’nite y’all!

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