2018 October 25 Thursday

2018 October 25 Thursday in Liberty Hill and Lampasas, Texas

53° and 95% cloudy reached a high of 65° and 50% cloudy. NO RAIN!

I grabbed a shot of the sun coming through the trees and I’m glad I did because that’s the last I saw of the sun until about 10:30.

When we arrived at our church at 8:30 this morning, there were two squad cars with their lights flashing. No worry, it was just to draw attention to Donuts With the Chief.* Do you see the skeleton in a police uniform?

Today’s topic was Domestic Abuse. The guest speaker from a local shelter agency didn’t make it. However, various people shared their experiences, questions and answers. It was valuable.

We left the meeting a little early so that we could begin our trip to Lampasas. We were going to pick up some aluminum cans that my ex wife had saved for us. (Our Grandies group collects cans and takes them to a recycling plant.) As a thank you, Ella and I took Becky and Dave to a local BBQ place for lunch. We arrived at their home strong 11 and visited until 1:30. We went to the restaurant and visited until sometime after 4 before returning home.

The sunset was mesmerizing. I sat and just watched the slowly changing shapes and colors until it was nearly dark.

*Liberty Hill Police Department continues its community engagement initiatives “Donuts With The Chief,” a monthly information meeting between law enforcement officers and the general public.

G’nite y’all!

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