2018 October 27 Saturday

2018 October 27 Saturday I’m Liberty Hill, Cedar Park, and Round Rock, Texas

54° start under a cloudless sky that reached 85°

I couldn’t wait for the sun to get above the trees to get a photo.

I purchased a long distance lens for my phone. I find that my hands are so shakey that it’s hard to focus. Fortunately it came with a tripod.

Here is an example of the power of the lens. The first photo is without the lens and the second with. The address circled in the first photo is what it’s in the second.


In my walk this morning I saw this rather amazing anthill. I didn’t disturb it. I haven’t quite healed from the fireant bites I received during the first week of October.

Before going to Tate’s games, we stopped at Walmart to pick up Ella’s prescription.

Grandson, Tate had two football games today they won the first one T something like 30-6. The second game was a”make up” game. They had played ten minutes of a game when lightening moved into the area. The game was suspended with the other team having scored six points. So today’s game started with the other team at six points and ten minutes off the clock. I wish I had recorded it because Tate made some amazing catches and scored most of the points. They won. I think of the final score was 16-12.

After the game a lot of the team and their families went to Hat Creek Burgers and so did we.
When we arrived home around five thirty it was 89° inside. I had left windows open and shades down in hopes that it wouldn’t get so hot. Well that didn’t work. I had to turn the air conditioner on.

I sat in recliner to watch TV and fell asleep halfway through a half hour show. I woke up just after sundown at six forty five

G’nite y’all!

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