2018 October 29 Monday

2018 October 29 Monday in Liberty Hill, Georgetown, and Cedar Park, Texas

59° and clear overnight. Reached 80°

The Georgetown senior center had a good crowd for lunch. I feel out of place here because these people come to eat and watch television there is no games or really interaction. Ella and I play our normal Fast Track and Rummikub. We’ve invited others to join us but no one has.

When lunch is over they gather outside for the bus that transports them back to whatever facility they live at. I really want more than a meal from this experience. But maybe I’m asking too much.

I am building a deck for our RV. Replacing the foldout RV steps with standard stairs should make it easier to get in and out. I placed an order online with Home Depot. While at the center I received a text that it was ready. At Home Depot I just needed to show them the order number and a photo ID. A young man (at nearly 72 nearly everyone is a young man) named Steve brought up a cart with my items and loaded then into the truck.

Ella posted on Facebook, xWe’ve had a beautiful day today. The sun is shining and it’s 78 degrees. We’ve picked up most of the lumber to build our deck. You would know it’s the stuff we needed to have first that we don’t have. There’s always tomorrow. I’m looking forward to seeing how much drier it will be when we get home.”

When we were nearly home (within seven miles) we were stopped because of an accident on highway 29. We turned around and took a much longer route home


Later we found this posted on the Liberty Hill police Facebook page.

Update on wreck on 29. Unfortunately we lost a family member in that accident today. He was 28, and the soul parent of a little boy. Why did this happen. Some lady had road rage and purposely chased them on 29 and hit the truck from behind causing it to loose control and flip 3x. She is in custody and facing charges apparently told police she was sorry she was having a bad day. His mom literally passed away yesterday. It’s a tragic time for our family, thank you all for your support and comments on previous post. We have the best community! ❤️”

Finally home I unloaded the truck then sat out under the awning for a while. I had gone inside and up to the bedroom which is one of the few places I can get a strong enough internet connection.

I hadn’t been there long when Ella hollered for me. Our neighbor to the east had come to ask if we’d take him to Georgetown. His truck head been repaired and was ready to come home. He had tried to get a taxi but noon would come out this far. If course we took him.

When we got back into town we stopped for supper at Dairy Queen.

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