2018 November 08 Thursday

2018 November 08 Thursday in Liberty Hill Texas

50° and cloudy with fog. It only warmed to 57° with lots of mist and s little rain.

When I was at the VA Clinic last week the doctor made me promise to walk a mile each day. To make sure I keep that promise I bought a fitness tracker

One feature that I didn’t expect was a sleep timer. Plus it tracks deep or light sleep.

We attended Over The Hill Gang today. Four of us played Rummikub before lunch and then four of us played canasta after lunch. This will be our last time at OTHG until the new year. My Santa good at the mall starts tomorrow and Ella will be working on the set also.

Emery had a fifth grade music program tonight.


She had a lot of grandparents in attendance

God bless and g’nite y’all.

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