2018 November 12 Monday

2018 November 12 Monday in Cedar Park, Texas

Cold (for Texas) all day. Reached a high of 46°. It got down to freezing by midnight. There were some pretty powerful wind gusts also.

This morning I dropped Ella off at the Leander Senior center to play games and have lunch. She played until 2 when one of her friends took her to the library. She stayed there until I picked her up at about 4:45.

I arrived at Lakeline mall at about 8:50. I had time to get some exercise walking and some Tia chai.

Around 9:30 a mall employee unlocked the room where the photographs supplies are stored. This it’s also where the bathroom and changing room are located.

I was dressed in my Santa suit and ready to go when the set manager arrived.

There was some technical problem or operater error with the camera. This gave me extra time with the first family of the day. I enjoy having time to really connect with the kids. I think we get better photos.

There was one young one who the photographer and parents could not get to look up at the camera. So, I grabbed a book and set it on his lap. It made a nice photo.

The next to last child I saw was a tiny toddler. She was shy and standoffish at first. But once I gained her trust, she about talked my ear off. What a doll. I wish I had copies of all these photos so l could relive those special moments.

That’s all for today

God bless and g’nite y’all.

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