2018 November 14 Wednesday

2018 November 14 Wednesday in Cedar Park Texas


Today began at 21° but water to 51° in the early afternoon. By the time I arrived home from work it was 49° and sunny

My Santa boot’s tops tend to droop when I’m not wearing them. Then it’s harder to put them back on. However if I insert two large plastic cups, they don’t develope that droop.

Today I had a young child who got onto the set only as far as the camera. He then got down on the floor, covered his eyes, and buried his head against the carpet. No amount of coaxing or threatening from its parents would get him to move. So Santa got down on the floor with him and copied his pose. He looked up saw what I was doing and got up on his knees and started crawling around. His mother came through the set and he followed her. So she would lead him back past me so that the photographer could get a picture of the two of us on our hands and knees on the floor. Eventually I was able to get him up on the chair, but he was crying. However in one of the photographs it looked like he was smiling, even though he was crying. So it’s all a matter of timing. The parents bought the package with all of the digital photos downloadable.

This afternoon I saw a grandfatherly gentleman with a pre toddler in the baby cartage. I went out of the set to talk with him. He told me that they were from Russia and that there were older siblings so the would return for photographs. I reminded him that, though I deliver presents on December 6th in Russia, I would be bringing them early on December 25th in America. I then said, “Sasibo I do svidaniya,” (thank you and goodbye) Which is all the Russian I know.

That was the highlights of my day.

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