2018 November 23 Black Friday

2018 November 23 Black Friday in Cedar Park Texas


45° and cloudy and it somehow reached 72° this afternoon.

Waiting to go to the Santa set.

We left home earlier morning because we had to go back to Arik’s house to retrieve Ella’s shirt. She did laundry at their house yesterday and ended up leaving her work shirt on the dryer.

As a result, we were able to get the work and dressed in our work attire by 8:50. The set didn’t open until 10. Which have Ella more time to play her games and other things on her phone. It also left me time for my writing.

I believe that I previously mentioned that I (Santa) received a couple of letters written in French.

Since they included a return address with their letters, I have written a letter, (in French) to mail to them after Christmas.

Also while waiting, I worked on polishing the sermon that I’ve written for December 30th. The working title is After Christmas Sale.

Here is our lunch for the day.

And this is where we stopped for our supper.

On the way home I pulled off the road to take this photo. Do you think it was worth the stop?

The highlight of my day (and it was a great day) was an early teenage little blond girl who just happens to have autism. She came running to me at full speed. I bend down with my arms wide, expecting a hug. Well I got the hug but she also leaped astraddle of me. In all my life (71+ years) I’ve never had a hug as tight and strong as that. It was more of a wrestling hold than a hug. She stole my heart today.

God bless you and g’nite.

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