2018 December 05 Wednesday

2018 December 05 Wednesday Cedar Park and Liberty Hill, Texas


30° overnight and reached a high of 51°. Had to scrape Friday from the windshield again today.

Nice sunrise this morning

But it sure wasn’t fun tho drive straight into with bumper to bumper traffic

It got better when we changed direction

Arrived at the doctor’s office about a half hour early. We always try to do this. Sometimes we are in and out before our appointment time.

We were in the waiting room for only a couple of minutes.

And we got in and Ella’s follow up for her stress test and echo cardiogram we both good.

We were soon on our way toward the mall. Santa want overly busy today but it was interesting. I had a man come in shake my hand and say, “Thank you for what you do.” He explained that he had a daughter with autism. They had been to see me/Santa last Sunday during the Caring Santa event. He was grateful for the experience they had that day. I’ll admit it made me tear up when he said that.
Today I also had a mom bring to boys ages four and two. They both came running to see me and gave me hugs. We did the usual visit and photos. When Mom went to look at the photos the older boy went with her. The younger one just stood there leaning against my legs. After a while he turned and wanted back up on my lap. He sat there for a little bit then got down, grabbed a book and climbed back on my lap. When Mom came to get him he didn’t budge. She said, “Come on, it’s time to go.” And he still didn’t move. She had to literally grab his hand and pulls him away. This sort of thing happens every year. Done kids just don’t want to leave Santa.

I was also contacted today and asked if I could fill in at another mall in the evening for the next several days. So I will be working the opening shift at one mall and the closing at another. Going to be a long couple of days

There was interesting sky on the way home.

We stopped at the church on our way home. Wednesday night is choir practice night. Once a month we celebrate the birthdays and anniversaries that occur in that month. Tonight was party night and our anniversary is this month. We ate but did not stay for practice.

God bless you and g’nite.ll

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