2018 December 08 Saturday

2018 December 08 Saturday in x Cedar Park, Round Rock, and Liberty Hill, Texas


37° overnight with drizzly fog in the morning.

We had a “Breakfast with Santa” this morning which started at 8:45. I read to the children, sang, and told some jokes for the parents benefit. Then we got some pictures. We had a brief break between the breakfast and the regular photo shoot.

The line quickly wrapped around the set and stayed there all day. I tried to keep it moving at the speed that the photographer could handle the sales end. If they had had all three of their stations working, it could have gone faster. I still took time with each child and never made them feel rushed. I only had a couple of little ones that I couldn’t calm down.

The rain stopped but not until after there was some serious localized flooding. Even after the rain stopped the clouds remained. And the temperature is set to drop into the freeze zone tonight.

Originally I was scheduled to work a couple of hours tonight at the Outlet mall. But we received a text that we didn’t need to. We also were asked if we could work at the Domain tomorrow. However, I’m already booked at Star Hill Ranch in Bee Cave Texas.

Home was cold when we got here this afternoon/evening. I turned the heater on but it was taking a while to warm up. Do we crawled under the covers and watched TV or played games on our phones. Early to bed …

God bless you and g’nite.

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