2019 January 06 Sunday

rvingfulltimewithtomandella.com2019 January 06 Sunday in Liberty Hill, Texas45° and a partly cloudy sky to start the day. Reached a pleasant 66°Shortly after 4 in the morning Ella said, “The fire department is out here.””In the park?” I asked.”Yes.””Is there a fire?”“I don’t think so.”I got out of bed and looked out the window on her side of the bed. All I could see was several sets of very bright headlights aimed in our direction from nextdoor. I tried taking a photo but it wasn’t any help.Having decided that I wasn’t going to learn any more about what was going on, I was returning to bed when I realized that Ella was having … um … stomach issues. Unknown to me, she had been up most of the night.Ella and I were scheduled to greet at the nine o’clock worship service. However, she is sick. I arrived early so I’d have time to stuff the bulletins.Apparently, I arrived too early because the doors were all locked. I decided that we must be having worship by appointment only today. I think there’s a sermon title right there.

Eventually I found an unlocked door. The folks who prepare and set up the breakfast/coffee bar each Sunday were busily doing their thing. I started inserting the order of worship pages into the bulletins in preparation for people’s arrivals. Soon someone came and unlocked the remaining doors.

Pastor Saint’s message today was part one of a multi-week series based on a book by Adam Hamilton, Half Truths.I had previously posted about the tiny house that has been brought in the Stocktank RV park. I commented as to how close it is to the neighbors steps. This morning I saw the lady who owns the class A motorhome. I found out that she also owns (making payments) the tiny home also. She is working in the house getting it ready to move into but still living in the RV.I have nearly nonexistent eyebrows. I’ve started treating them with minoxidil in hopes of growing thicker eyebrowsThis afternoon I left Ella in her sickbed and drove to Home Depot for more stepping stone tiles for our path to the shed.While there, I also purchased dust-masks, plastic sheeting, and duct tape. These were items that I didn’t have in our to-go bag previously, and are suggested by FEMA for home emergency kits. For more of my thoughts on being prepared follow this link to my Random Thoughts Blog https://thethomasewilliamsnewsletter.wordpress.com/God bless you.

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