2019 January 13 Sunday


2019 January 13 Sunday in Liberty Hill, Texas

31° and clear with honest to God ice, not frost, on the windshield this morning. It reached 45° under full sunny skies.

We arrived at church way early. Pastor was practicing his guitar.

This video doesn’t exist

Don’t often see the sanctuary this empty.

Now for something completely different. I was driving into the sun for most of our drive into town. When I got to a shady spot, I looked down to see what speed I was going and I wasn’t. None of the gauges were working. And then they all just popped to life again. Curious. When we arrived at church and tried to back into a parking spot, reverse didn’t work. The forward settings work but not reverse. I pulled into a spot where I can go forward out.

After church I drove through Chicken Express’s drivethrough for lunch. While there, I put the truck in reverse and it worked!. When we arrived home I parked perpendicular to the trailer so that I could drive forward in the morning. Tomorrow I will call for an appointment to diagnose the truck.

God bless you.

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