2019 January 13 Sunday


2019 January 13 Sunday in Liberty Hill, Texas

31° and clear with honest to God ice, not frost, on the windshield this morning. It reached 45° under full sunny skies.

We arrived at church way early. Pastor was practicing his guitar.

Don’t often see the sanctuary this empty.

Now for something completely different. I was driving into the sun for most of our drive into town. When I got to a shady spot, I looked down to see what speed I was going and I wasn’t. None of the gauges were working. And then they all just popped to life again. Curious. When we arrived at church and tried to back into a parking spot, reverse didn’t work. The forward settings work but not reverse. I pulled into a spot where I can go forward out.

After church I drove through Chicken Express’s drivethrough for lunch. While there, I put the truck in reverse and it worked!. When we arrived home I parked perpendicular to the trailer so that I could drive forward in the morning. Tomorrow I will call for an appointment to diagnose the truck.

God bless you.

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