2019 January 16 Wednesday


2019 January 16 Wednesday in Liberty Hill and Cedar Park, Texas

Ella’s New Shoulder

3:30 came suddenly this morning. I’m not used to being awakened by an alarm. But we needed to get up and get moving so that we could get Ella to the hospital by 5 today. We left home at 4:26. We arrived at 4:54 and waited only a short time to be checked in.

Soon her ID cards and insurance information were scanned. Legal documents were initialed and signed. Now the hospital, doctors, nurses, and janitorial staff are exempt from any legal actions should something go awry.

The next step was to get her in a backless gown and a rolling hospital bed. She was inspected, injected, pic lined, electrode intertwined, and pain block in the neck! What the heck?

About 7:30 they wheeled her off to have a new shoulder surgically installed. At 8:30 the doctor came to let me know that everything went well and she was being moved to recovery. It was almost an hour until she woke. I sent Facebook messages to the family.

Around 10 they called me in the waiting room to say she would be moved to a room. I grabbed the bags of stuff and found my way to the room. I arrived about 15 minutes before she did.

Once Ella, bed and all, was wheeled into the room, a team of blue-clad folks and high tech gadgets surrounded her, fastening this and plugging in that.

She will deny this but she was still half loopy from the anesthesia. They gave her a lot off information that I know she didn’t understand and I only half heard.

By the time everyone had left the room it was 11:30. They had given her a menu. She told me what she’s wanted and I gave the information to the kitchen.

With her situated, I went seeking food for myself. I found it at a nearby Dairy Queen. When I returned to the room she was asleep and her tray of food was untouched. I curled up on a couch and went to sleep.

About 20 minutes later the room phone rang and woke both of us. It was the kitchen calling for her supper order. Now that she was awake she ate part of her grilled cheese sandwich and sweet potato fries.

Nursing staff were in and out throughout the afternoon, giving her pills, adjusting the oxygen levels, helping her to the bathroom, and giving her breathing exercises. After the trip to the bathroom she sat in the recliner next to the bed and made phone calls and doing other things on her phone.

She is doing quite well at managing the pain and is using her right hand for eating and the phone.

When her supper arrived I once again foraged for food. This time at Carl Junior.

The evening was quiet until around 7 when they came to take her to the bathroom and give her an antibiotic shot. Actually it was an IV drip that took a little over an hour.

7:45 came and the nursing change of shift arrived. Nurse Alisha explained to Nurse Nancy all that had been done and what needed yet to be done.

The expected physical therapy will now happen sometime tomorrow.

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