2019 January 18 Friday


2019 January 18 Friday in Liberty Hill, Texas

44° and partly cloudy start to the day. Other areas nearby have heavy fog alertes but we appear to be fog free. It reached 65° under mostly clear skies.

61° inside before I started the heater going. It didn’t take long to be warm enough to open the door. And three for stayed open until sundown.

It may be because I didn’t sleep well in the hospital or maybe it was because the recliner was so comfortable, but I slept very well last night.

My new “CHRISTMAS CHRONICLES” Santa suit arrived today. I’m six foot plus and 300 pounds. The 3x suit fits very well. Pants are long enough as are the shirt sleeves. Even the gloves fit my oversize mitts. What y’all think?

Today Ella had visits from her home health nurse and later from the physical trainer. Both gave her thumbs up for the way she doing ado far. She slept most of the day.

G’night and God bless.

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