2019 January 28 Monday


2019 January 28 Monday in Liberty Hill, Texas

39° and a partly cloudy.

Ella had a follow up doctor’s appointment with her surgeon.

This is what her new bionic shoulder looks like on the inside. Notice that the ball and socket joint is opposite of what nature had provided. That is why this is called a reverse shoulder replacement.

After the doctor, a stopped asst IHOP for lunch. While Ella can get in and out of the truck, she can’t do it unassisted.

At 69° and a day with only scattered white clouds, it seems like a perfect winter day for sitting outside. However, tonight and tomorrow night it is going to dip down to freezing. And tomorrow’s high is supposed to be in the mid-forties. Now I know for those of you in the midwest that’s nothing but for those of us in Texas it’s something.


Interesting gathering if clouds at sunset.

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