2019 February 03 Sunday


2019 February 03 Sunday in Liberty Hill, Texas

58° and still completely overcast. The clouds started breaking apart in the mid afternoon. It reached 73° around 3 p.m.

Sunday was a good Sabbath for us. We attended church where we heard pastor Saint’s sermon “Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin” (based on Adam Hamilton’s book, “Half Truths.”

We sang in the choir. Then had a good discussion (even though out wandered off topic) in Sunday school.

Afterward we went to subway for lunch. We came home and napped away most of the afternoon.

It was 81° in the livingroom from the afternoon sun streaming through the windows. I closed the curtains, opened the door and several roof vents to cool it a bit. It got down to 77 but then started climbing again. So I closed the door and started the air conditioner. By the way, I’m glad that our family and friends up North are above freezing today.

Another peaceful day in paradise. We played several rounds of Rummikube.

G’night and God bless.

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