2019 February 06 Wednesday


2019 February 06 Wednesday in Liberty Hill, Texas

64° and completing overcast. This is sunrise (?) today.

We made it to Grandies this morning. Stayed and played canasta after the meeting. There were 17 people there today which is a really large group.

After the meeting and after the canasta we went over to the physical therapist where Ella was subjected to the torture of a physical therapist. From there we went home I did dishes and we took naps.

In the evening we headed in town for choir practice. On the way into town the idiot light battery indicator came on and I watchd the amp meter slowly fade away. We lost all the gauges but we made it all the way into town to the corner of 1869 and the 332 Loop when the truck completely died at a stop sign. I got out of the truck and signaled to the people behind me to come around. But instead of coming around they pulled up beside me on the curbside and into a parking space. Four guys got out and they were going to push me up the hill and around the corner. I said, “No just let me back into that spot that you’re in.” I had no power but I just put it in neutral and coastef backwards into the parking space.

They put jumper cables on and the truck started. Shortly after the cables were removed, the gauges all quit and then the truck died. The consensus was that it was the alternator.

I called Good Sam roadside assistance and they contacted a local deal who could work on it tomorrow. A tow services was also called to move it to the repair shop.

In the mean time the guys, who had stopped to help, took Ella to the church and then came back to check on me. Thank you God.

The tow service driver dropped me off at the church for choir practice. After practice one of our friends drove us home.

G’night and God bless.

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