2019 February 15 Friday


2019 February 15 Friday in Liberty Hill and Leander, Texas

47° at midnight and up tio 87° buy 3:00pm.

We had migas for breakfast/brunch this morning… or at least something LIKE migas. Bacon, egg, cheese, bell peppers, tomatoes, garlic, celery (just because I had two small stalks that needed to be used), and home made tortilla chips.

There were four washer loads of clothes that needed to be taken to the laundromat in Leander. So we did.

I told you a couple days ago that I would show you how I was going to use the eye bolts that I purchased.

I use them to secure the home made bed cover. Previously I used hold down bolts with wingnuts.

However, the eye bolts are easier to turn when I want to remove them to open the cover. Plus I can use them for tie downs when needed.

Ella had therapy this afternoon but will not again until next Wednesday. Time off for good behavior?

We ate a late lunch at Chicken Express. I really like their ever changing sign.

My favorite sign read, “The boss told me to change the sign. So I did.”

G’night and God bless.

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