2019 February 26 Tuesday


2019 February 26 Tuesday in Liberty Hill, and Georgetown, Texas

53°and foggy. The warmer weather is welcome even if it causes causes fog. It reached 71° under partly cloudy skies. Next Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday have predicted highs in the 40s and lows below freezeing.

The first stop on today’s journey was the local physician’s office for Ella’s annual (Medicare mandated) wellness test. We will get results on her blood test later, but every other thing tested normal for a person of her age.

Do you see how crooked that picture in the exam room is? I did, and my OCD couldn’t take it any more. I opened a bubble level app on my phone, and straightened the frame.

We arrived early enough at the Georgetown senior center to play five games of Fast Track. Ella won one. For lunch we had chicken Alfredo, spinach salad, and apple crisp. Some people also had cooked carrots. The severs failed to remove the foil from the top over one pan until latter. Because of that the first ones through the line received no carrots. I don’t carrotall for cooked carrots so I did not go back when they were offered.

After lunch we returned home for a short while before Ella’s therapy session in town.

Once the therapy was over, we returned home once more where Ella mixed some laundry detergent using felsnapa, borax, baking soda, and OxiClean.

Our last trip into town was to Cross Tracks Church for a prayer service. On a normalTuesday night we gather to pray for various healings of body, mind, and soul. We pray for our leaders from local to international. But this was not a typical Tuesday night. Today the United Methodist Church became United no longer. It has split 51 to 49 over the inclusion or exclusion of homosexuals in the church. No matter how you stand on the issue, it is sad to see the passing of an era in church history.

Another beautiful sunset. However, as soon as the sun had set, the clouds and fog rolled in.

G’night and God bless.

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