2019 March 09 Saturday


2019 March 09 Saturday in Liberty Hill, Texas

67° and overcast but quickly cleared tho mostly sunny and reached a high of 81°.

It was nice to sleep with a window open last night.

It was another quiet Saturday with nowhere that we had to go.

Our bathroom sink has been draining slowly. Today I first tried pouring a spoonful of baking soda in the drain, adding vinegar, and then holding the plug tightly in place. Usually that creates enough pressure that it will push the clog out. Not so today.

The next step was to remove the P trap. That proved to be more of a task than I counted on. I first had to remove a shelf. If you are familiar with recreational vehicles, you will know the maker’s fondness for screws with square slots. I have one screwdriver but it has been used and abused so that the square edges have become slightly rounded. Therefore, it took much more force than normally necessary. I finally removed the shelf and then the P trap. Our wasn’t pleasant removing a wad of hair and gunk.

G’night and God bless.

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