2019 March 12 Tuesday


2019 March 12 Tuesday in Leander, Liberty Hill, Texas

55° foggy, misting and overcast as we start our day. It went from overcast tho completely cloudy. So instead of a constant gray, you could actually see darker clouds moving under the gray. Still reached a windy 74°.

6 minutes to get through the fog and into town and then 6 more minutes to get through the 4 way stop in town. It is a real bottleneck. With all the development along hiway 186, they will eventually need traffic lights here.

It will be interesting to see what the next census has to say about our “little” town. The current city limit signs say, population 967. However there have been multiple housing developments of around a thousand each inn thelast four or five years.

First stop for the day is the VA for lab work. This is in preparation for my semi annual checkup on the 26th. Although, I will be back to the VA this Friday for an eye scan (which had a very long name) because of my diabetes.

They did a good job finding a vein at the VA. One stick and enough blood for all their viales.

I had minimum bruising also.

Since it had been a fasting lab s, the next stop was IHOP for free pancakes. And a donation to the shrine.


We went to the laundromat today so that we wouldn’t have to go naked tomorrow. Well it wasn’t quite that bad, but we might have been naked under our clothes. Grin.

The fog persisted through the early afternoon and then just became completely cloudy.

Great way to end the day at the prayer meeting inn Cross Tracks Church. The original church, which is now the chapel, will be 150 years old in 2020.

G’night and God bless.

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