2019 March 23 Saturday


2019 March 23 Saturday in Liberty Hill , Texas

60° and cloudy. It barely made it to 70° under a completely cloudy day.

It was a hazy lazy day. We had no place that we HAD to be so we saw no reason to hurry out of bed. Not that we slept longer. We just may abed and did things on our phones. Ella played games, read and wrote messages while I worked on my devotional blog, MusingsDevotionals.WordPress.com http://MusingsDevotionals.WordPress.com.

By ten fifteen my bladder coaxed me out of bed. Having satisfied that need, I dressed and went to the kitchen to start breakfast. Two eggs, one crisp bacon, and multigrain toast. Ella had coffee and I had ice tea (not sweet).

Back on March 7th I posted on my Random Thoughts blog how too make a Buddy Burner. I still had a can, some corrugated cardboard, and some left over wax. So today I made one .more – almost. As it turned out, I didn’t have quite enough wax.

There is something good to remember when making these things. Even when the can has cooled to just above room temperature, the wax inside it’s still molten. I mention this because – that’s right, I spilled hot wax on my hand and the kitchen counter. Now I really need more wax to finish this last burner.

G’night and God bless.

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